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Is the 19th day of the first lunar month in 2021 an auspicious day? What day is it today

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auspicious time and auspiciousness is a common thing. Ancient marriage and modern marriage, ancient commencement and modern commencement all care about the auspicious day. Before doing these things, they will find some professional people to calculate a more auspicious time for themselves, and then do these things themselves.

2021年农历正月十九是黄道吉日吗 今天是什么日子好不好

is it an auspicious day on the 19th day of the first lunar month in 2021? On Tuesday, March 2 of the Gregorian calendar, January 19 of the lunar calendar, Chong Tu (guimao) Sha Dong [Yi] went out to move, moved to the ground for blessing, buried, repaired, disassembled and buried, went out of the fire, opened the pool, broke the earth and moved the grave, asked for the heir, Shangliang [avoid] opening the warehouse for burial, moved the coffin, broke the earth and started drilling [Peng Zu's taboo] he doesn't break the coupons and die. He doesn't entertain guests. He's crazy [auspicious God should tend] he doesn't guard the tomb and bark at the great Ming Dynasty. He's blessed. He's blessed. He's blessed. He's blessed. He's blessed. He's blessed. He's blessed. He's blessed. He's blessed. He's virtuous. He's virtuous. He's virtuous. He's virtuous. He's virtuous. He's virtuous. He's virtuous. He turns over the bow. He's In the afternoon, he ordered mutual benefits [nine stars] four Greens - swaggering stars (trees) - calming the nerves [phenology] plants sprouting [lunar phase] sleeping for the moon [cake sharing] six people [water control] two dragons [farmland] eleven cattle [Yang Gui God] due north


What day is it today? Judging from the Yellow calendar above, there are more suitable things to do than unsuitable things, so this day is better, which can be regarded as an auspicious day.

2021年农历正月十九是黄道吉日吗 今天是什么日子好不好

The custom of January 19 is that on the 19th day of the first month of the lunar calendar every year, people call it Yan Jiu Festival, also known as Yan Jiu, Yan Jiu, Yan Qiu and meeting immortals. It is the birthday of Qiu Chuji, the leader of Quanzhen Taoism, the mainstream of Taoism. This is recorded in the outline of scenery in the imperial capital written by Liu Dong and Yu Yizheng in the Ming Dynasty. It says: "It's said that it's the day when real people will come, either as gentry, or as ladies, or as beggars. Therefore, a hundred feather men will tie a knot under Panasonic and hope to meet them once in a while." On the 19th day of the ninth Yan Festival, there were a lot of tourists inside and outside baiyun temple, and the activities reached a climax. With the passage of time, the contents of the ninth Yan festival were constantly colorful, gradually forming a large temple fair. There were drama performances, martial arts acrobatics, scenic snacks, handicrafts exhibitions, etc. the temple fair had an active atmosphere and a very large scale A lot of people came here.

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