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Inquire about today's auspicious hour in the old yellow calendar on the 12th auspicious hour of the first month of 2021

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in life, many people usually choose a good time and auspicious day to help them improve their luck. The daily luck is closely related to our eight characters and affects our development. Therefore, we will specially check the Yellow calendar on some important things to see if the day is good and what we should do.

2021年正月十二吉时查询 今日老黄历吉利时辰

the twelfth lunar calendar of the first month of 2021 query lunar calendar: the twelfth solar calendar of the first month of 2021: Tuesday, February 23, 2021 month name: Meng Chun phenology: Hou Yanbei lunar phase: Xiao Yue Ganzhi: Xin Chou year + Geng Yinyue + Ren yinri phase: Hu richong (bingshen) Monkey suisha: suisha North auspicious time: Chenshi 7:00-9:00 happy God: Zhengnan blessing God: Northwest God of wealth: Zhengnan Jianxing: Jianzhu position value God: Tianxing (underworld day) today's fetal God: warehouse Lu fangneinan

2021年正月十二吉时查询 今日老黄历吉利时辰

Today's auspicious hour is 23:00-1:00, auspicious hour is 1:00-3:00, auspicious hour is 7:00-9:00, auspicious hour is 17:00-19:00, auspicious hour is 19:00-21:00, auspicious


. People eat some greasy things every day from New Year's Eve to this day. Twelve light sheds. From now on, people begin to prepare to celebrate the Lantern Festival, buy lanterns and build light sheds. There is a nursery rhyme that says, "eleven people chirp, twelve put up light sheds, thirteen people turn on the lights, fourteen lights are on, fifteen lines and a half, and sixteen people finish the lights." roast the mouse fire. Folk in some areas in the south of Shijiazhuang still retain the custom of baking cypress fire along the twelfth day of the first month [some on the tenth day of the first month]. At dusk, people lit cypress branches in front of their homes. There was a fragrance in the smoke. A family of old and young sat around the fire and said: roast cypress fire, roast mouse fire and roast bailing fire (cypress is commonly known as bailing).

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