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How about the twelfth day of the first month in 2021

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selects a suitable position according to the God of liking to use, and then analyzes the eight characters of the birthday, or it can also be analyzed according to the five elements. Specifically, it refers to providing the five elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth, because only in this way can the five elements play a role of compensation, help to boost their own luck and give full play to their due effect, Because only in this way can the result be helpful to fate.

2021年正月十二喜神方位查询 正月十二日子好不好

lunar calendar query of the position of the God of happiness on the twelfth day of the first month of 2021 lunar calendar: the twelfth day of the first month of 2021 (January 12) Gregorian calendar: February 23, 2021 Lu: Hai Life Mutual Lu Jia life into Lu Fu direction: northwest direction of the God of happiness: due south LiuYao: chikou Twelve Gods: jianvalue God: Tianxing star (underworld) Heaven's punishment Peng Zu's taboo: it's more difficult to guard against Yin's failure to worship his ancestors. Ghosts don't taste each other. Chong (bingshen) monkey suisha: Sha dongnaiyin: Earth pine and cypress wood gold foil on the wall. The value of the death is: [Nian] Chen, it's [Yue] noon, it's not [RI] Chen, it's


Which direction is the joy God in today? Zih 23:00-00:59 joy God orientation change: joy God northwest ugly time 01:00-02:59 joy God orientation change: joy God southwest Yin time 03:00-04:59 joy God orientation change: joy God due South Mao time 05:00-06:59 joy God orientation change: joy God southeast Chen time 07:00-08:59 joy God orientation change: joy God Northeast Si time 09:00-10:59 joy God Orientation change: 11:00-12:59 PM in northwest of xishen; 13:00-14:59 PM in southwest of xishen; 15:00-16:59 PM in due south of xishen; 17:00-18:59 PM in southeast of xishen; 19:00-20:59 PM in Northeast of xishen; 21:00-22:59 PM in northwest of xishen Change: the meaning of


, 2021年正月十二喜神方位查询 正月十二日子好不好,


in the southwest of the God of happiness. According to folklore, the God of happiness was originally a devout woman who worshipped the Big Dipper God. When she became an immortal, the Big Dipper asked her what she wanted. The woman sipped her hand and smiled without answering. The Big Dipper mistakenly thought she wanted a beard, so she gave her a long beard. Because she looked like joy when she smiled, she was granted the God of happiness, Because of her long beard, no longer let ordinary people see her image. From then on, the God of joy specialized in celebration, but did not show her divine form. Therefore, the greatest feature of the God of joy is that there is no specific image, no special temple, and it is highly abstract. However, later generations also regard the portraits of ancestors or King Zhou of Shang Dynasty as the God of joy for sacrifice. In traditional customs, the God of joy is a God who specializes in festive events. There are traditional activities to visit the God of joy during the new year. Welcoming the God of joy not only has the meaning of festivity and auspiciousness, but also can bring peace throughout the year. Therefore, it is very common to greet and worship festive gods during the Spring Festival in various etiquette and customs activities, especially the important position of wedding, entering a new house and other festive events. Therefore, it is particularly important to accurately query this position.

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