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Location query table of the God of wealth on the 13th day of the first lunar month in 2021

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at any time, wealth is an important factor affecting our quality of life. Most of our lives are on the road of pursuing wealth, and making money is not so easy. Therefore, there is also the current gap between the rich and the poor. There are many ways to seek wealth, and many people make a living through the direction of the God of wealth.


location query table of the God of wealth on the 13th of the first month of the lunar calendar in 2021 lunar calendar: the 13th of the first month of 2021 (January 13, 2021) Gregorian calendar: February 24, 2021 direction of blessing God: direction of happiness God in the West: direction of wealth God in the Southeast: Yang God in the South: Yin God in the Southeast: six lights in the East: first victory over the Twelve Gods: Division God: Heavenly litigation star (underworld) rosefinch Peng zubaiji: Kui doesn't talk about litigation, weak enemy Qiang Mao doesn't wear well, water spring doesn't smell, collide with each other: Chong (Ding you) Chicken age Sha: Sha Dongna Yin: the value of earth pine and cypress wood gold foil on the wall is: [Nian] Chen, it is [month] noon, it is not [day] Chen, it is


Today's fortune seeking direction is 23:00-00:59 Midnight Midnight, 01:00-02:59 God of wealth due south, ugly time, 03:00-04:59 God of wealth due south, Yin time, 03:00-04:59 God of wealth southeast Mao time, 05:00-06:59 God of wealth southeast Chen time, 07:00-08:59 God of wealth due west, 09:00-10:59 God of wealth due west, 11:00-12:59 God of wealth due north, late time, 13:00-14:59 God of wealth due north, 15:00-16:59 God of wealth Zhengdong Youshi 17:00-18:59 Zhengnan Xushi 19:00-20:59 Zhengnan Haishi 21:00-22:59 Zhengnan


how to seek wealth first and improve your wealth in life. In addition to work, usually work overtime; Then subtract the hard and positive learning time. The leisure time left for yourself is basically only one-third, or maybe less. This time, no matter friends, family, lovers, etc; More smile, more communication, more tolerance and understanding. Second, improve your wealth at work. Let go of the trivial things in life and usher in another meaningful thing in life that you need to complete. Whether you are in a big company, a small company, a small soldier or a leader; The only motivation that can lift the spirit and keep working hard is the monthly salary and bonus.

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