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What zodiac sign does it belong to on the 16th day of the first month of 2021

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The year of birth of

is closely related to our age and our zodiac, and the luck of the zodiac is also closely related to the old yellow calendar. Feng Shui is different every day, so the luck of the Chinese Zodiac changes every day. Which zodiac animal will have a bad luck on the 16th of the first month? What's the point of this day? Understand clearly, in order to ensure that you can spend the day smoothly.

花朝节祈福 1-3

yellow calendar query on the 16th of the first month [lunar calendar] January 16, 2021 [Gregorian calendar] February 27, 2021 [appropriate] Pray for wealth, sacrifice, marry, repair graves, break the ground, get married, set up vouchers, cut clothes, open the entrance column, open the door, open the market, remove the livestock, start the work, pray for nacai to move, get a license for stove building, get engaged, plant and bury, start the business, accept the son-in-law to enter the house, ask for heirs, go to the beam, migrate [avoid] things are not suitable for [fetal God occupying the square] the East [star] in the kitchen stove (water worm) [LiuYao] Buddha extinguishes the [Twelve Gods] and holds the position of [blessing God] northwest [God of wealth] due west [rilu] Yin orders mutual Lu [nine stars] one white - Taiyi star (water) - auspicious God [phenology] wait for Yanbei [lunar phase] both look at the moon [get gold] one day get gold [yanggui God] due west

What is the life style of the person born on this day? The sun pillar is Bingwu and bingmu life. He is confident, competitive, talkative and lack of calmness. He is smart, excellent in art, good at piano and chess, and good at writing and poetry. He is diligent in youth, proficient in middle age, successful and developed, unfit for his ancestral career, idle, hardworking and depressed.

招财猫 1-4

The tradition of sending cattle piles requires eight men, preferably with different surnames, including a young man. These eight people make an appointment during the day. In the evening, they go to the invited family for dinner. After they are full of wine and food, when most people go to bed, these eight people steal cattle piles. The stolen items include bricks, bowls, shoes, etc. the stolen family is one We must have many boys and be influential and popular in the villa. When things are stolen, wrap them in red paper and give them to one of the youngest young men. This is called baozhuanzi. Then we go to the master's house together. When we arrive, the older people start shouting well and the people behind us should agree. Of course, all of them congratulate the master on giving birth to a noble son early. The young man holding the pile holds the stolen things, Climb onto the bed where the master sleeps, sleep for a while, and finally sprinkle a bubble of urine on the bed. Then hand over the stake to the master respectfully.

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