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Orientation of the God of wealth on the 13th day of the first month in which direction is the God of wealth on the 13th day of the lunar new year in 2021

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in order to live a good life, many people expect their financial resources to be rolling and have enough income to live a high-quality life. However, in addition to high pay, high income also needs financial luck. Otherwise, even if the income is high, it is easy to leak wealth. Therefore, when we do things, we'd better choose the direction of the God of wealth, so as to be smooth.

正月十三财神方位2021年 大年十三财神在哪个方向

the position of the God of wealth on the 13th day of the first month 2021 [lunar calendar] January 13, 2021 [Gregorian calendar] February 24, 2021 [Chong Sha] Chong Ji (Ding you) Sha Xi [Yi] Na son-in-law started drilling, building, decorating, planting, praying for blessings, going to office and sacrificing, removing the need for medical treatment, repairing graves and breaking ground for superfluous wealth    Bury, build a house, get rid of grazing [avoid] move, get married, get a license, travel, get engaged, travel, take livestock out of the fire, marry Na Cai, migrate, open a pool, live apart and buy property [Xingxiu] Xingxiu (xingrima) [auspicious God should tend] don't keep the tomb official's day and auspicious season, bark at Yuyu [six Yao] first win over [Twelve Gods] and take the position due south of [God of wealth] [nine stars] Qichi - Xianchi star (gold) - ferocious God [phenology] waiting for Yanbei [lunar phase] gradually full and convex moon [get gold] one day get gold [share cake] six people share cake [control water] two dragons control water [farming] eleven cattle farming [Yin GUI God] due east

正月十三财神方位2021年 大年十三财神在哪个方向

the influence of the auspicious day on the direction of the God of wealth "Zodiac" The word "ecliptic" is a term used in ancient astronomy and does not originate in China. Ancient Babylonian astronomers believed that the ecliptic is the track of the sun on the celestial sphere in a year. The sun is at the highest point in the summer solstice and at the lowest point in the winter solstice. The sun rises about 1 degree in the celestial sphere every day and forms a joint force with the surrounding stars to affect people on the earth. These stars have good and bad luck, and those who have bad luck This is the origin of Western astrology, based on the theory of the center of the earth. Wealth feng shui will certainly affect the stability of the income of the Chinese zodiac. This is why, for example, zodiac signs such as Mao rabbit and son mouse need to place wealth feng shui ornaments in all directions at home in order to improve Feng Shui at home.


In 2021, the position of the God of wealth in LiuNian is in the right West. Therefore, in 2021, the male is in the right West, which can strengthen the positive fortune. In 2021, the six green Wuqu star flew to the position of the central palace, so in 2021, the position of the central Palace is biased towards fortune, which can promote prosperity and fortune.

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