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Is it a good day to travel on January 16, 2021

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depends on parents at home and friends when we go out, but in fact, many times, we can only rely on ourselves. Everyone's ability is different, and Feng Shui is different every day. But if we can grasp Feng Shui every day, our luck can get better and better. Is it suitable for us to go out on the 16th of the first month of this year? The inquiry of the Yellow calendar on this day will always be helpful to you.

福字 浪纹1-3

query of the Yellow calendar on the 16th day of the first month of the lunar calendar, Saturday, February 27, 2021, Chongshu (gengzi) Shabei [Yi] Pray for wealth, sacrifice, marry, repair graves, break the ground, get married, set up vouchers, cut clothes, accept wealth, open the entrance column, open the drill crown hairpin, go to the post, open the warehouse, open the market, accept the livestock, lift the commencement, pray for Na CAI to move and obtain the certificate for stove building, engagement, planting and burial, recruit superfluous business, accept the son-in-law to enter the house and ask for offspring to move [avoid] Decorate the ground, set up a bed, travel, build, seek medical treatment, divorce, leave school, file a lawsuit [fetal God Zhanfang] kitchen stove, East [Xingxiu] pangsu (water worm) [auspicious God should tend] years old, de yuede doesn't keep the tomb and barks, the Ming season is divided into three seasons, de four seasons, Ma Yuecai and en [evil god should avoid] The white tiger's official talisman is Yin and dead, and the yellow sand is dying on the day. The Five ghosts [earth mother's classic] poem says: in the year of Taisui and xinchou, there are a few diseases. Wu Yue sang Ma Hao, Jing Chu Mi Mai Zhen. It rains sweetly in spring and summer, and it rains very hard in autumn and winter. The mulberry tree has a beautiful head, and the silkworm is happy. The people are gradually resting, and the six livestock are wandering. Bu said: Xin Chou cow is the leader, and the height is very poor. The people leave half, happy and good mulberry fields. Is


a good day to travel? It's not a good day to travel today. Without your eight character coincidence, it may be bad. If you want great luck, the following "travel auspicious day" can accurately match the good time for you.


precautions and stress 1. If you travel by plane, try to choose a large model with large space, low flight noise and relatively stable. Moreover, because the travel time may be longer than other ways, the elderly, children and those in poor physical condition need to have a pre trip physical examination. 2. If the travel destination is in the folk village, pay special attention to food hygiene and safety, pay attention to freshness when eating seafood, and drink an appropriate amount of alcohol to drive out the cold. When traveling to the mountains and beaches, you should take medicine with you to prevent diseases caused by mosquito bites.

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