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Dressing Guide for the 16th and 5th lines of the first lunar month in 2021

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in the first month, everyone is busy, especially in the first few days of the first month, almost everyone is very busy. After all, everyone has to go to relatives and visit their friends. After the Lantern Festival, most people have begun to work and study, but there are still some customs in the rest of the day, such as the traditional customs on the 16th of the first month.


yellow calendar query on the 16th of the first month [Yi] money seeking sacrifice, marriage, grave repair, ground breaking marriage, voucher making, clothing, money opening, enrollment vertical column, drilling crown hairpin, going to the post, opening the market, receiving livestock lifting, starting work, praying, accepting mining, moving, obtaining a certificate for stove building, engagement, planting, burial, recruitment, opening, son-in-law entering the house, asking for heirs and moving [taboo] travel to break ground, live apart, settle a lawsuit, build a bed, build a master and seek medical treatment [fetal God Zhanfang] kitchen stove in the East [Pengzu Baiji] C. If you don't repair the stove, you will see disaster. In the afternoon, the owner changes [Xingxiu] pangsu (water worm) [evil god should be avoided] white tiger official talisman, yin and death, yellow sand, dying talisman in the sun, Five ghosts [LiuYao] Buddha exterminates [happy God] Southwest [God of fortune] northwest [God of wealth] Zhengxi [rilu] Yin ordered mutual Lu [nine stars] Yibai - Taiyi star (water) - five element Dressing Guide for auspicious God


on this day [great auspicious luck five elements: water] Today, you can wear black, gray and blue clothes and ornaments. The five elements belong to water and are born of today's five elements. It's great luck. [Ciji lucky five elements: Gold] you can also wear white, apricot and gold clothes or accessories with corresponding attributes. The five elements belong to gold. They are the same as today's five elements. They are prosperous and act more smoothly. [use five elements with caution: Wood] It's not suitable to wear blue or green clothes or accessories today. The five elements of this color are wood, which are the grams of today's five elements. There is pressure from all sides.


, 新年17,


can't be pasted on the gate. If more than one word "Fu" is pasted, it should also be pasted "door blessing" first, then "blessing" in the hall, and finally "blessing" The order of

must not be reversed. The word "Fu" can't be pasted correctly, but it should be noted that it can't be pasted everywhere, especially on the gate https://www.dailyq-a.com/Culture/22884.html
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