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Is the seventeenth day of the first month of 2021 an auspicious day? What are the taboos

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every festival has its own customs, such as Tomb Sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival to eat zongzi, mid autumn festival to eat moon cakes, and the Spring Festival, as the most important festival, has more customs. Even on the 17th day of the first month, there are still many customs. What are the taboos on this day? Take a quick look and see what you can't do on this day.

花朝节祈福 1-3

yellow calendar query on the 17th of the first month [lunar calendar] January 17, 2021 [Gregorian calendar] February 28, 2021 [Chong Sha] Chong Niu (Xin Chou) Sha Xi [Yi] Breaking ground, catching, drilling, planting, obtaining a certificate, building, asking for an heir to be appointed, decorating, cooking stove, lifting engagement, marriage, accepting vertical columns, building houses, repairing graves, going through wells and placing beds for sacrifice [taboo] moving into a house, starting a trip, burying Shangliang, opening a tour, praying for blessings, opening a city, accepting wealth, accepting livestock migration, establishing vouchers, fasting, sacrificing, releasing water, living in separate warehouses and shipping [fetal God occupies the square] In the east of the toilet room of the warehouse [Peng zubaiji] Ding will get sore if he doesn't shave his head. He doesn't take medicine. The poisonous gas enters the intestines [Xingxiu] Jiaoxiu (jiaomujiao) [evil god should avoid] ghosts cry all over the world. Every day, the plague consumes a small amount of [six Yao] Da'an [Twelve Gods] hold the position of [happy God] due south [rilu] Mao orders each other to pay C, and five orders to pay [nine stars] Erhei - shatixing (earth) - what is the day of the ferocious God


, 新年15,


? The 17th day of the first month is one of the traditional Chinese lunar festivals. On this day, there are "popularity day", "sending crickets and scorpions" festival, "mouse marrying Nier", lamp falling day, lamp closing day, acupuncture day, white tiger opening day, pulling dead ghosts, Miao "mange Festival" and Fenggang "Mother of Pearl worship" and other festivals.

The story of a mouse marrying a girl the Jade Emperor sent a cat to tell cattle, tigers and other animals to rank in heaven. After the mouse overheard the cat's message, the Jade Emperor took the lead and named the mouse the first of the twelve zodiac animals. Instead, the cat was squeezed out of the zodiac, and the cat and the mouse formed a deep hatred. The mouse wanted to melt his resentment with the cat, so he asked the weasel to match his most beautiful daughter to the cat, and the cat was full of food Yes. So the mouse chose an auspicious time, stole a child's tiger head shoes as a sedan chair, and sent his daughter to the cat's nest. As a result, the mouse married a woman and married the cat's father.

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