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Is January 22, 2021 an auspicious day? What day is January 22

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In fact, the traditional method of

has been kept in the hearts of the public since ancient times. Chinese people are very particular about it. Therefore, they believe in the wisdom of our ancients. After all, this is the experience summarized by the ancients. Therefore, in modern society, no matter what we do, we prefer to find a golden day in advance.

2021年正月二十二是黄道吉日吗 正月22是什么日子好吗

is it an auspicious day on the 22nd of the first month of 2021? On Friday, March 5 of the Gregorian calendar, January 22 of the lunar calendar, chongma (the fifth day of the lunar calendar) Shanan [Yi] married and entered the house, made a voucher to accept money and pray for blessings, emigrated and hired his son-in-law to start drilling, get rid of sacrifice, fasting, worship, cultivate, seek medical treatment, go to any post, plant, go to mourning, go to school and open positions [taboo] Nacai Shangliang opens the ground, sets up a bed, gets engaged, starts logging, takes livestock as a stove, builds a house, breaks the ground, opens the market [fetal God Zhanfang] warehouse, outside the Northeast [Pengzu Baiji] it's more difficult to guard against the disaster caused by the son's failure to ask for divination [Xingxiu] Weisu (tail fire tiger) [ferocious God should avoid] knife anvil Lu Ban consumes the sky fire, the sky prison lies the corpse [Twelve Gods] Receiving position [God of happiness] Zhengnan [God of fortune] southeast [God of wealth] Zhengnan [rilu] apply for mutual Lu [nine stars] Qichi - Xianchi star (gold) - ferocious God [phase of the moon] the second quarter of the month [get gold] one day get gold [water control] two dragons control water [farming] eleven cattle farming [yanggui God] Zhengdong

What day is the 22nd of the first month? Judging from the Yellow calendar above, there are more suitable things to do today than unsuitable things. Therefore, today's Day is better. It's an auspicious day.

2021年正月二十二是黄道吉日吗 正月22是什么日子好吗

the custom of welcoming Dade in Longtou Township, Puning City, Guangdong Province on February 22 of the lunar calendar. In fact, Longtou Township, Puning City, Guangdong Province was built in the late Ming Dynasty and has been around for more than 600 years. It has a beautiful environment and outstanding people. The villagers have worked hard for generations to build Sangzi. There is one thing that has been praised by the villagers in the history of the township, This event has become the origin of the traditional festival in my hometown. It was the so-called 22nd day of the first month in Longtou. It starts with the "Dade" showing its spirit and retreating the bandits. It is a popular event among the villagers. More than 300 years ago, when Zheng Guosheng led his troops to attack Longtou stronghold, the Nanmen Dade master worshipped by the villagers showed his spirit. At this time, the village will become a mountain, and the sky is filled with thick fog, Zheng Guosheng's troops were disoriented and could not move forward. Guosheng didn't believe it, which showed that Longtou stronghold was in front of him. In fact, he could come back another day at this time, but the same phenomenon also occurred. Several times, Guosheng had to worship him and threatened to ask Master Dade to show his spirit and restore the village to him. He would never hurt the village and the people again, so master Dade showed his power and spirit, As soon as the fog disappears, the mountains will disappear. Longtou village appears in front of them. Guosheng looks at it and admires it. A plaque with a special title of "Yangyang as in" is presented to master Dade.

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