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Query table of today's travel auspicious time in Dali direction on January 14, 2021

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life is just a few decades. We all hope to spend it safely, and unexpected things will inevitably happen when we travel. In order to make us go out lucky and smooth, we will choose a favorable direction and auspicious time to go out, hoping to make our travel smooth with the help of these auspicious times.

2021年正月十四出行大利方向 今日出行吉时查询表

travel on January 14, 2021 [lunar calendar] January 14, 2021 [Gregorian calendar] February 25, 2021 [LiuYao] you Yin [Twelve Gods] man holds the position [God of wealth] northeast [Chong Sha] Chong dog (Wuxu) Sha Nan [Yi] marriage meeting relatives and friends, bed setting, grazing and painting acupuncture [don't] make a bed, go out, bury, open the city, beg for money, release water, live separately, mourn, build a dike, go boating [auspicious God should tend] six instruments in the golden chamber and golden hall of Daming Ford guard the day, heaven's wealth, heaven's wealth, heaven's noble, heaven's Witch [evil god should avoid] the white tiger's wealth leaves the axe to kill the nine sky and leave the nest, three lose the dog, heaven's thief, earth's pestilence, be tired of swaggering, and lose


Should you go out today? It's not a good day to go out today. Without your eight character combination, you may be shocked. If you want great luck, the following "travel auspicious day" can accurately match the auspicious time for you.

2021年正月十四出行大利方向 今日出行吉时查询表

Precautions for going out 1. The weather is changeable in some areas, and the scene of sunrise in the West and rain in the East is also a common situation. Therefore, when traveling, you must pay attention to observing the weather conditions, regularly listen to and watch the weather forecast, fully grasp and understand the latest weather conditions, and then make reasonable itinerary according to the changes of the weather. 2. When going away, in order to ensure that every person Sleep for 6 to 8 hours a day. The accommodation conditions are not luxurious, but comfortable and quiet. Don't try to save money to live in wet, dark and crowded rooms, so as not to affect sleep, fatigue or induce diseases. 3. When traveling in strong wind weather, avoid narrow and long channels, because narrow and long channels will form a "narrow tube effect" , the wind force will increase in the passage, which will bring some danger to pedestrians.

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