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Shall we open the door on the 14th day of the first month of 2021

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The start of

is a new start. We all hope that after the start of

, the business, wealth and fortune can be continuously improved, and there are many things that affect our fortune. The daily days also have an indirect impact on our fortune. Therefore, in order to have a good fortune, we'd better choose the auspicious day of commencement.

农历2021年正月十四开工好不好 开门好吗

the work starts on the 14th day of the first month of the lunar calendar in 2021. The Yellow calendar inquires about Chonggou (1898) Shanan LiuYao on Thursday, February 25 of the Gregorian calendar, January 14 of the lunar calendar: friends lead twelve gods: man Zhuwei, God of happiness: Northeast God of wealth: Northeast nine stars: Eight White - Taiyin star (earth) -Auspicious God should: accept planting, ask for heirs, remove the beam on the vertical column, accept animal husbandry, raise and cut clothes, avoid meridians: move, set up securities, trade, migrate, open the market, start land burial, live separately as a stove, an incense and fire logging auspicious God should trend: six instruments in the golden chamber and golden hall of Daming Ford keep the day, heaven is rich, heaven is rich, heaven is noble, evil god should avoid: money in the white tiger leaves the axe to kill nine empty nests Three day dog day thief earth pestilence is tired of flaunting heavy funeral


. Will you open the door on this day? Today is not a good opening day in the old yellow calendar. You can choose another day, or you can use the eight characters of your birthday to choose the auspicious day of prosperity and prosperity of people and money. The following auspicious opening day: it is available for inquiry to help your career prosper day by day.

农历2021年正月十四开工好不好 开门好吗

what kind of person is suitable for doing business 1. Suitable for doing business, not impatient and impetuous! Impetuous character and ambition are not conducive to business. Only by being calm, calm, enduring loneliness and laying the foundation step by step can you make your business bigger and bigger. 2. Before opening, mobile phone lighting should be simple and practical, avoid using fluorescent lamps, and use the more popular indirect lighting, which can shoot light on the ceiling, wall or other interfaces to form reflected light, with soft and uniform light. 3. No human dolls can be placed in the office! Because humanoid dolls can easily lead to disputes in the office, and may also lead to the fate of villains. If you want to stay away from villains, you can't put human dolls in the office.

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