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Location query table of God of wealth on the 14th day of the first lunar month in 2021

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a large part of our life is on the road of seeking wealth. We need money everywhere in life. If we don't have money, we will live a miserable life. Therefore, wealth is very important for us. The God of wealth in charge of money is the God who affects our wealth. In order to enhance our wealth, many people will seek wealth according to the direction of the God of wealth.


location query table of the God of wealth on the 14th day of the first month of the lunar calendar in 2021 Gregorian calendar: 2021-02-25 lunar calendar: the 14th day of the first month of 2021 (2021-1-14) Blessing direction: Southeast happiness direction: Northeast wealth direction: Northeast Yang God: Southwest Yin God: Northeast eight characters: Xin Chou Geng Yin Jiachen fetal God: occupying the room bed - the East auspicious God in the door chicken habitat should tend: the six instruments in the golden chamber and golden hall of Daming Ford guard the day, the day is rich, the day is rich, the day is evil, and it should be avoided: the wealth in the white tiger leaves the axe Kill jiukong, leave the nest, lose Tiangou, tianthief, earth plague, be tired of swaggering, and lose


, 2021年农历正月十四财神方位查询表,


At all times, the God of wealth's position is 23:00-00:59 midnight, 01:00-02:59 southeast time, 01:00-02:59 southeast time, 03:00-04:59 God of wealth's due west Mao time, 05:00-06:59 God of wealth's due west Chen time, 07:00-08:59 God of wealth's due north time, 09:00-10:59 God of wealth's due north time, 11:00-12:59 God of wealth's due east time, 13:00-14:59 God of wealth's due south time, 15:00-16:59 God of wealth's due north time 17:00-18:59 South Youshi 19:00-20:59 South Xushi 21:00-22:59 southeast Haishi


how to improve wealth and make money with colorful beans. Prepare a small red bag, embroider or draw eight diagrams on the bag, then mix the five color beans, soybeans, black beans, mung beans, red beans and rice with salt, put it into the bag, and tie the mouth of the bag with red thread. During the Chinese new year, hang the red cloth bag above your door or in front of the store. As long as the wind blows or someone passes by, the red cloth bag can dispel bad luck and increase wealth. This method needs to be replaced once a year. There is old money in the wallet. In ancient times, copper coins were money for fortune. As long as you put them in your wallet, you can gather wealth. Generally speaking, ancient coins can be used to improve the effectiveness of other feng shui ornaments. Ancient coins themselves also have the effect of greatly improving wealth. Therefore, attracted by ancient money, other wealth will come one after another.

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