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Is it suitable to travel on the 19th day of the first month of 2021? What time do you go out

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travel we not only hope to be safe, but also hope to have good luck. When we go out, we can meet dignitaries, get opportunities, etc. the day of going out is very important for us. Choosing a good day to go out can make us more comfortable and get what we want.

2021年正月十九适合出行吗 几点出门好

travel on the 19th day of the first month of 2021 the Yellow calendar [Gregorian calendar] March 2, 2021, Tuesday [lunar calendar] January 19, 2021 [phenology] vegetation sprouts [get gold] get gold on the 1st day [Xingxiu] Di Su (DI Tu raccoon dog) [Twelve Gods] Wei holds the position [Peng Zu Baiji] If you don't break the coupons and die, you don't entertain guests, get drunk, sit crazy [auspicious God should tend] don't keep the tombs, bark at the great Ming blessing, auspicious celebration, Tianen and Yin virtue [should] get married, decorate, migrate, marry, catch blessings, plant, build vertical columns, set up coupons [avoid] open the warehouse, open the drill, log, bury, travel, move the coffin, break the ground and bury


Should I go out today? The Yellow calendar is forbidden to travel today. In addition to referring to the Yellow calendar, it is more auspicious to coincide with the eight characters. Auspicious hours and auspicious days vary from person to person. The following [travel auspicious days] can be used for you to choose the best days.

2021年正月十九适合出行吗 几点出门好

what are the customs and habits of going out 1. There are many folk customs about traveling. These customs generally include choosing to go out on auspicious days and taboo going out on bad days. To avoid going out on a bad day means "you can't go far on the 13th", and it is considered that "the 13th" is homonymous with "lost". 2. Bicycle is also a means of transportation, but it's better to ride less in windy weather. Because in windy weather, downwind or upwind will not cause too much danger to cycling, but once riding in the crosswind, it may be blown down by the strong wind and cause physical damage. 3. The ancients had a saying about travel: sunny with umbrellas and full with hungry food. In fact, this is a kind of preparation before travel. Only when all preparations are made before the trip can the trip be carried out smoothly.

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