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Dressing Guide for the 25th line of the first lunar month in 2021

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everyone's birth time is different, so our eight characters and five lines are different, and the feng shui is different every day, so we should implement the five element culture into all aspects of our life, so that our daily fortune can become stable. On the 25th day of the first month, the color of clothes suitable for us must conform to the color of our five elements.


query the Yellow calendar on the 20th of the first month [Chong Sha] Chong Long (Jiachen) Sha Bei [Yi] Move, decorate, start business, get married, get a house permit, have a son, start work, start a trip, pick up a car, get engaged, open the upper beam, travel, ask for an heir, build a sacrifice, open the market, sign a contract, accept money, cut clothes, marry Na Cai, migrate, build a house, set up a voucher, seek medicine, erect a column, seek money and litigation [avoid] boating, litigation, fasting, wedding, bed, purchase property, plant, go to office, break the ground, accept livestock, pray for blessings and bury [Xingxiu] Fang Su (Fang RI rabbit) [auspicious God should tend] Ming Sanhe Tianen Tianfu tianxiyangde [ferocious God should avoid] earth fire Feilian God was killed four times, yin and wrong, the moon was tired of heavy day [LiuYao] friends led [Twelve Gods] to hold the position [happy God] northwest [God of blessing] southwest [God of wealth] due east [rilu] has ordered each other to enter Lu Geng [lunar phase] wait for the moon [get gold] one day get gold [share cake] six people share cake [Yang Gui God] northeast [Yin GUI God] southwest


What day is this? This day is the day to wear Festival, which is derived from the myth and legend of Nuwa mending the sky. It is said that several years after Nuwa created human beings, she and Zhuanxu's co-workers tried to touch the Tianzhu Buzhou mountain. As a result, the sky tilted and cracked a hole. In order to save the sky and human beings, Nuwa selected five-color stones and cast them into stone slurry to mend the hole in the sky. It is said that Nuwa mended the hole in the sky The day of the day coincides with the 20th day of the first month, so later generations call this day sky mending day, and use symbolic custom activities to commemorate Nuwa sky mending, so as to form the day wearing Festival.


Today's five element dressing guide today's auspicious color: cyan green is the most auspicious. Today's auspicious color: black, blue, gray in general. Today's unfavorable color: pink, orange, red, purple.

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