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Is today the auspicious day of the zodiac

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Chinese culture has a long history. Each of these cultures has been tempered by time and spread so far, which shows that these cultures are very worth learning, and the old yellow calendar culture is one of them. According to the way of the Yellow calendar query, to calculate the feng shui of each day, we can know what to do on this day. For example, the query of the Yellow calendar on the 21st of the first month can let us know the feng shui of that day.

新春花火 1-6

inquiry of the lunar calendar on the 21st day of the first month, Thursday, March 4, 2021, chongshe (Yisi) Shaxi [Yi] Marriage certificate admission capture engagement gifts, pray for wealth as a stove, recruit superfluous sacrifices, set up coupons, marry vertical columns, build and pray for heirs, decorate fasting rituals, go to office, use earth to build houses, plant Na son-in-law [avoid] settle in bed, move into the house, migrate meridians, start drilling and logging, open the city, open an Xiangxiu tomb, bury Shangliang brigade, travel, break the earth and accept livestock [fetal God occupies the square] Outside the kitchen stove bed, the Northeast [Pengzu Baiji] Xin is not the sauce. The owner doesn't taste the sea and doesn't marry the unfavorable groom [auspicious God should tend] year old Dehe month Dehe Qilin day won't hook Chen hekui with eight anvils of the sacred heart of Liuhe mother warehouse, Tianen Tianfu five rich [ferocious God should avoid] and rob the earth forbidden rosefinch [LiuYao] first against [happy God] and southwest [blessing God] Northwest [God of wealth] due east [phenology] plants sprout [lunar phase] gradually lose [moon phase] get gold] one day get gold [share cake] six people share cake [Yang Guishen] northeast [Yin Guishen] due south

福字 浪纹1-5

what is the Yellow auspicious day, which is the traditional Chinese calendar "yellow calendar" (perpetual calendar) A special word in refers to a day when everything is suitable. In the Yellow calendar, the "green dragon, Tiande, Yutang, Siming, Mingtang and Jinkui" in the "Twelve Gods" are called the six Zodiac days, and the "elimination, danger, determination, execution, success and opening" in the "Twelve duty days" are called the little Zodiac days. When the six gods of the zodiac are on duty, all things are appropriate and do not avoid evil, that is, the "Zodiac auspicious day".

what does the dungeon in the Yellow calendar stand for? The dungeon in the Yellow calendar means the twelve palaces of Shouyuan wheel in the twenty-four directions, including star God, dungeon, Xuanwu, golden chamber, Tianyi and white tiger star; Jade hall; Prison; Qinglong; Basalt; Si Ming; Outline. The Golden Chamber refers to Shouyuan, Tianyi refers to shower, the white tiger star refers to crown belt, the jade hall refers to temporary officials, the heavenly prison refers to imperial prosperity, the basalt refers to decline, the heavenly punishment refers to disease, the Xuanwu refers to death, the Si Ming refers to tomb, the outline refers to Jue, the green dragon refers to fetal orientation, and the dry prescription refers to maintenance.

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