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What zodiac sign does the 21st day of the first month of 2021 belong to

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observed the celestial phenomena and found out the mystery, so as to benefit the people. This is the reason why the ancients observed the celestial phenomena. From the celestial phenomena, we can not only get the weather conditions, but also get a glimpse of the fate of the zodiac and the arrangement of the major stars, so as to get a lot of content. In terms of observing celestial phenomena, the ancients had long formed their own system and compiled it into the old yellow calendar, so as to benefit the common people.

花朝节祈福 1-3

yellow calendar query on the 21st of the first month [lunar calendar] January 21, 2021 [Gregorian calendar] Thursday, March 4, 2021 [Chong Sha] Chong snake (Yisi) Sha Xi [Yi] Marriage certificate admission capture engagement gifts, pray for wealth as a stove, recruit superfluous sacrifices, set up coupons, marry vertical columns, build and beg for heirs, decorate fasting rituals, go to office, use earth to build houses, plant Na son-in-law [avoid] move and open houses, start to set up beds, travel and bury Shangliang, open travel, repair graves, break earth and install incense, open cities, accept livestock, start drilling, move and move logging meridians [fetal God occupies the square] Outside the kitchen stove bed, the Northeast [Peng zubaiji] Xin dished sauce, the owner didn't taste the sea, didn't marry the unfavorable groom [auspicious God should tend] years old, Dehe month, Dehe Qilin day, didn't seduce Chen hekui with eight anvils of the sacred heart of Liuhe mother warehouse, Tianen Tianfu five rich [evil god should avoid] and rob the earth forbidden rosefinch [LiuYao] first to take the [Twelve Gods] holding position [happy God] Southwest [God of fortune] northwest [God of wealth] due east [rilu] at noon, he ordered each other to enter Lu


. What sign are you going to rush today? Today is January 21, 2021. On the 11th day of the first month (small) of the lunar calendar, Chongyang (Yiwei) Shadong's taboo of


in the first month 1 A married daughter cannot go back to her mother's house. The married daughter can't go back to her mother's house on the first day of the first day. It is said that she will ruin her mother's house. 2. Porridge, meat food and medicine are forbidden for breakfast. 3. Do not call others' names to urge people to get up. 4. Avoid paying New Year's greetings to people who are still sleeping. 5. Avoid taking medicine. Do not use knives and scissors. 6. Avoid needle money. 7. Avoid chopping firewood with an axe. 8. Avoid borrowing money. 9. Do not break furniture (plates, bowls, wine sets and other fragile items). It is considered that breaking furniture is unlucky all year round. 10. Do not take a nap during the day. 11. Avoid dumping sewage, garbage and sweeping the floor. 12. Avoid being taken out of the pocket by others.

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