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Please check the location of the God of joy on the 20th day of the first month in 2021

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Choosing a suitable auspicious day in the

old yellow calendar is something that Chinese people often do. Whether it's a big event such as traveling or picking up a car, people need to prepare a good day to do things in advance. People will also infer the date in the old yellow calendar according to their birthday, or find professionals to help them choose a suitable auspicious day.

2021年正月二十喜神方位查询 正月二十日子好不好

location query of the God of joy on the 20th of the first month of 2021 lunar calendar: the 20th of the first month of 2021 solar calendar: Wednesday, March 3, 2021 suisha: suisha North auspicious time: 17:00-19:00 Youshi, God of joy: Northwest Jianxing: Cheng Zhiwei, God of Duty: Si Ming (Zodiac day) Today's fetal God: outside the pestle mill, Peng Zu's Taboos in the Northeast: Geng does not have meridians, Xu does not eat dogs, Yang noble God: evil spirits in the Northeast should be avoided: earth fire, Feilian, God's name, death, four blows, yin and error, moon weariness, heavy sun nine stars: two black - Sheti star (earth) - evil God day five elements: hairpin gold stars: Western ginseng water ape - evil


Whether this day is good or not? Through the query of the Yellow calendar, we can know that the value of God on the 20th of the first month of 2021 is a good day.

2021年正月二十喜神方位查询 正月二十日子好不好

what are the customs and habits of the warehouse filling Festival on this day. To put it bluntly, filling the granary means paving the granary. At dawn on this day, each family will use the screened cooking ash in their own yard or threshing field to sprinkle grain hoards of different sizes, and put some cereals inside to represent grain harvest. The warehouse filling Festival is divided into two traditional festivals: small warehouse filling and large warehouse filling. The small warehouse filling is on January 20 and the large warehouse filling is on January 25. Many areas, now unable to distinguish the size, celebrate the warehouse filling Festival on the 23rd of the first month.

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