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On the first day of June of the lunar calendar in 2021, the old yellow calendar should avoid today, okay

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everyone wants to have a good life, and if we want to have a good life, we can't get rid of our wealth family. Only when the family is harmonious, can we enjoy life, and enjoying life needs the support of wealth. Life is short. In order to have a better life, we need to pay attention to some important things, such as choosing an auspicious day for marriage and opening, which can make our life more smooth.

2021年农历六月初一老黄历宜忌 今天日子好吗

on the first day of June of the lunar calendar in 2021, the old yellow calendar should avoid the lunar calendar: the first day of June, 2021 (June 1) the Gregorian calendar: 2021-07-10 fetal God: zhanjingcang - zhanmen toilet, Zhengdong rilu: noon life, mutual Lu LiuYao: chikou Twelve Gods: jianvalue God: Heavenly prison star (underworld) basaltic collision: Chong (Guichou) Niu suisha: Sha Dongyi: marry Na CAI to open the market as a stove, recruit Na son-in-law for fasting, plant and feed livestock   Avoid: pray to build land, buy property, build embankments, release water, go to any post, ask for children, ship, lift the vertical column, enter the house, sail, auspicious God, appropriate trend: Heaven and virtue are combined with each other, the moon and virtue are combined with the Ming quarter, the dragon's sacred heart is divided, and the four aspects of guarding the sun are fierce. Avoid: Axe kills the three gods across the sky, and the God is separated from the Xuanwu Yang difference in the earth house, the moon is built, the red yarn is heavy, and the


are heavy How about today? Through the query of the above old yellow calendar information, we can know that the value of God on the first day of June in the lunar calendar in 2021 is in Tianyu star, which does not belong to the auspicious day of the zodiac.

2021年农历六月初一老黄历宜忌 今天日子好吗

420 years in history: Liu Yu abolished the Eastern Jin Dynasty, established the Song Dynasty and began the Southern Dynasty. 1796: the German mathematician Gauss recorded his new discovery in his diary. In 1890, the Qing government changed Provincial Academies into schools. 1908: Dutch physicist heik kamalin hones liquefies helium for the first time. 1912: Yin Changheng, governor of Sichuan, set out for Tibet. 1913: Russia declares war on Bulgaria. 1940: the French government moved and Vichy France was established. 1962: the world's first active communication satellite, Telstar 1, was launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida. 1985: agents of the French Foreign Security Agency sank the Rainbow Warrior, a Greenpeace ship moored in the port of Auckland, New Zealand. 1996: NASA released photos of Ganymede, Jupiter's largest moon. 2003: Tuen Mun highway double decker bus fall accident 2006: famous TV football commentator Lin Shangyi officially announced his withdrawal from TV and film circles. 2012: the Russian State Duma passed the agreement on Russia's accession to the world trade organization by a simple majority, which means that Russia will officially become a member of the WTO in a month.

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