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What is the fifth day of the sixth month of the lunar calendar in 2021? The Yellow calendar should avoid daily inquiry

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what is the purpose of our lucky day? Obviously, everyone wants to ask for a favor. I hope what we have to do can be smooth. For example, if we choose a good auspicious day during our opening, it means that our future career will be prosperous and smooth. Therefore, it is very important to choose auspicious days for opening, and many things in life need auspicious days like opening, which can bring good luck.

2021年农历六月初五是什么日子 黄历宜忌每日查询

it is advisable to avoid the Yellow calendar on the fifth day of June in 2021 lunar calendar. Query lunar calendar: the fifth day of June, 2021 (June 5) Gregorian calendar: July 14, 2021 should: pray for wealth, sacrifice ancestors, sacrifice, immigrate, beg for wealth, open warehouse and bury, go to school, dress and beg for children, avoid: settle the bed, build the upper beam and vertical column, seal the cover, buy property, accept livestock, go to school for medical treatment, rilu: Zi ordered mutual Lu and Ren, ordered to enter Lu, Twelve Gods: fixed value God: noble star (zodiac) Peng Zubai's Taboos in the Ming Hall: Kui doesn't have a lawsuit, the reason is weak, the enemy Qiang Hai doesn't marry, which is unfavorable for the bridegroom. Good luck should follow: Fu Xing, Liu Yi, three in one, Yin De, Yu Yu, and moon wealth are evil. Taboo: when turning the bow, the official Fu is dead, Lei Gong is tired of flaunting, and the four wastes collide with each other: Chong (Ding SI) Nian Sha: Sha Dong


What day is today? Through the query of the above old yellow calendar information, we can know that the value God on the fifth day of June in the lunar calendar in 2021 is on the noble star, which belongs to the golden day.

2021年农历六月初五是什么日子 黄历宜忌每日查询

today in history 1851: a strong earthquake occurred in the southeast of Naples, Italy. 1889: the socialist Congress was held in Paris, France, and the second international was established. 1902: the bell tower of St. Mark's Square in Venice, Italy collapsed due to cracks in the wall. 1913: the world's first beauty contest was held in London, England. 1917: China's first club big world opened. 1965: the mariner 4 space probe flew over Mars and sent back close-up pictures of Mars to earth for the first time. 1983: a fire broke out in the cabin area of Chung Tau Village, Ap Lei Chau, Aberdeen. 2001: the international Informatics Olympiad was held in Tampere, Finland. 2007: Hong Kong Wikimedia association was officially established.

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