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How about the eighth day of June in the lunar calendar in 2021? Today's yellow calendar should be avoided

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Chinese people always pay attention to the harmony of time, place and people. When we do many major events, the opportunity is very important. Many things in life need us to choose the right auspicious day. The Yellow calendar has made a very detailed description of the taboos of each day. Only doing things on a suitable auspicious day can add to life.

2021年农历六月初八日子怎么样 今日黄历宜忌

on the eighth day of June of the lunar calendar in 2021, the Yellow calendar should avoid the Gregorian calendar: 2021-07-17, the lunar calendar: the eighth day of June, 2021 (2021-6-8) collide: Chong (Gengshen) monkey suisha: Sha Dong rilu: I have ordered mutual Lu Jia to enter Lu LiuYao: first win the Twelve Gods: danger God: Ford star (zodiac) The golden chamber should: pray for marriage, build, start a trip to worship ancestors, remove clothes, bury, celebrate fasting, and set up vouchers. Avoid: set up a bed to log, receive livestock, remove the cover, seek medical treatment, move into the house, an incense and sail. The auspicious God should tend: the Golden Chamber barks at the mother's warehouse. It is natural wealth, natural grace, natural goodness and five rich evils. Avoid: knife anvil, heavenly soldiers and earth. It is forbidden to travel to the disaster of Zhu, Zhu, Zhu and Peng Zu Baiji: if C doesn't repair the stove, he will see disaster. Yin doesn't worship the ancestors and ghosts, and doesn't taste


. Through the query of the above information of the old yellow calendar, we can know that the value God on the eighth day of June in the lunar calendar in 2021 is in Fuxing, which belongs to the auspicious day of the zodiac.

2021年农历六月初八日子怎么样 今日黄历宜忌

today in history 1899: Japan Electric Corporation was established. 1907: the international shooting Federation was officially established. 1909: Huo Yuanjia founded Jingwu gymnastics club. 1989: the world's first fully computer designed aircraft - the U.S. B-2 stealth bomber successfully tested. 1994: Brazil beat Italy on penalties and won the 15th World Cup. This is the first time in the history of the world cup to decide the champion team through penalties. 1996: the air explosion of TWA flight 800 killed all 230 people on board. 1998: the remains of the last czar were re buried. In 2000, 150 households in Yunyang County, Chongqing, China collectively moved to Chongming County, Shanghai, which was the first batch of immigrants from the Three Gorges Reservoir area.

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