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On the ninth day of the sixth lunar month in 2021, the Yellow calendar should not explain in detail. Is that a good day

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Is it important to choose a lucky day for

? The answer is understandable. No matter what we do, we want to choose a suitable day, because a good day will bring good luck. Every day's luck is different from what is suitable for doing, so we need to use the Yellow calendar when choosing the day. Many things in life need to choose an appropriate auspicious day.

2021年农历六月初九黄历宜忌详解 这天日子好不好

on the ninth day of June of the lunar calendar in 2021, the Yellow calendar should not be explained in detail. Lunar calendar: the ninth day of June, 2021 (June 9) Gregorian calendar: July 18, 2021 eight characters: Xin Chou, Yiwei, Ding Mao, fetal God: occupying the bed warehouse - due south outside the warehouse, RI Lu: at noon, he ordered each other to enter Lu, Liu Yao: friends lead Twelve Gods: Cheng value God: Tiande star (zodiac) Tiandeyi: accept wealth, cover the earth, erect the column, go to school, tailor clothes, set up vouchers, seek wealth, go out, buy property and seek medical treatment. Avoid: settle the bed, log the upper beam, accept the livestock, marry, move to the burial, pray for blessings, pray for auspicious words, lawsuit, auspicious God. Yi trend: the Phoenix day's Baoguang respects an Ming and barks to the mother warehouse. Tiangui Tiangui is happy and ferocious. Avoid: the knife anvil is cheap and cross the sky to the heaven prison of the God of Luban

is a good day? Through the query of the above information of the old yellow calendar, we can know that the value God on the ninth day of June in the lunar calendar in 2021 is on Fuxing, which belongs to an auspicious day.

2021年农历六月初九黄历宜忌详解 这天日子好不好

"Today in history 64 years: a serious fire broke out in Rome, 10 of the 14 blocks were destroyed, and 3 of them were completely burned down. 1496: England joined the Cambre League. 1925: Hitler's book my struggle, which was dictated in prison, was published. 1980: India successfully launched an artificial earth satellite. 1982: Hong Kong Huaxing record and Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (TVB) held the first rookie singing competition, which was won by Anita Mui (1963-2003). 2007: Jinan City, Shandong Province, China was hit by torrential rain. 25 people were killed, 4 people were missing, more than 170 people were injured and heavy property losses were caused.

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