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How about getting engaged on the second dragon head festival in February 2021? Is it a auspicious day

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everyone will want to choose a good day as a banquet on the auspicious day of engagement. In ancient China, engagement was actually an engagement. Usually, an auspicious day would be chosen. The man would take the bride price with the matchmaker or relatives and friends to the woman's house for discussion and agreement. If both sides agreed, they could exchange the marriage certificate. In this way, the two people's engagement was even settled, and then the two families could discuss the formal wedding.


how about getting engaged on the dragon's head Festival on the second day of February 2021? On the second day of February of the lunar calendar, on Sunday, March 14, 2021, chongtu (Yimao) Shadong [Yi] married, broke the ground, repaired the grave, sought medical treatment, broke the house and took medicine to recruit his son-in-law [avoid] Nacai enters the house, opens the market, starts the trip, prays for blessings, plants the upper beam and vertical column, installs the door, builds the house as a stove, builds the bed, opens the warehouse to be separated, settles the account, buries the crown hairpin, purchases the production and discharges the water, accepts the livestock to travel by boat [fetal God Zhanfang] southeast outside the kitchen stove [Peng Zu Baiji] Xin dished sauce, the owner does not taste unitary, does not entertain guests, drunk and crazy [Xingxiu] Lou Su (Lou Jingou) [nine stars] Qichi - Xianchi star (gold) - ferocious God [earth mother's manual] The poem said: in the year of Xin Chou, the age of Tai, there were a few diseases. The mulberry hemp in Wu and Yue was good, and the rice and wheat in Jingchu were Zhen. It rained sweetly in spring and summer, and the silkworm was very happy in autumn and winter. The people were gradually resting, and the six livestock were wandering. The divination said: Xin Chou cattle was the leader, and the height was very poor. The people stayed half and lived a good mulberry field. Is it a lucky day? Today's not an engagement day in the Yellow calendar, and the five elements fit together The following [engagement auspicious day] can be used to select a highly matching auspicious time for the couple.


Precautions for engagement 1. One of the traditional engagement ceremonies is ancestor worship. During ancestor worship, the matchmaker reads auspicious words, and then the woman's parents worship the gods and ancestors and pray for marriage. When inserting incense sticks, they can't be inserted again at one time. 2. When arranging the engagement banquet, it is suggested to arrange a new people's lounge, which can facilitate the rest of the new couple. The new couple is the host of the engagement banquet The lounge is very important when you are tired due to a large number of entertainment in the corner. 3. You can choose the auspicious day method for the choice of engagement day. Now most newlyweds look directly at the Yellow calendar or listen to the suggestions of people who study the book of changes.

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