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Is the eighth spring equinox of February 2021 an auspicious day for engagement

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and "a piece of marriage letter" in TV dramas, we often hear that in TV dramas, if a man or woman wants to terminate the engagement, they will bring the marriage letter to the other party's home for discussion. If the agreement is successful, they will exchange the marriage letter and return the bride price and keepsake. In ancient times, it was actually an auspicious engagement day that the man would take the witness to the next appointment. If successful, both sides would have a marriage certificate.


is the spring equinox on the eighth day of February 2021 an auspicious day for engagement [lunar calendar] the eighth day of February 2021 [Gregorian calendar] Saturday, March 20, 2021 [Chong Sha] Chong Ji (Xinyou) Sha Xi [Yi] Move into a house, travel, pick up a car, travel, go to school, accept money, accept livestock, remove clothes, migrate, grow crowns and hairpins, seek money and people [avoid] shipping     Wedding Shangliang sacrifice, drilling, boating, praying, decoration, water release, license, breaking the ground, marrying, accepting, lifting, building, asking for heirs, building embankments, engagement vertical columns, burial, land for real estate [Peng Zu's Taboos] Ding does not shave his head, he will have a sore, Mao does not wear a well, water and spring do not smell [Xingxiu] Jingsu (jingmuyu) [auspicious gods should tend] Fusheng official day Liuyi Longde barking is good for the engagement of the four phase Tianen and yueen. It's not suitable to get engaged today. The eight characters of both sides are happy on the auspicious day with good conditions, so as to promote the marriage between Qin and Jin and benefit the marriage and prosperity. You can use the following [auspicious day of engagement] for accurate matching.


traditional etiquette and customs of engagement 1. When giving engagement gifts, you can choose sweaters, shoes and socks, cotton padded jacket and watch, and your conditions. But when the man goes to the woman's house, there must be cigarettes and sugar in the box. This means that life is sweet and beautiful. It is also a commitment to the woman. 2. When the bride price is delivered, the woman's family will fire a cannon to welcome, honor their ancestors with gifts, and receive visitors according to the ceremony. The woman can't accept all the gifts. She should cut off the ribs and pig feet for the man's guests to bring back, which is called "pressing the bottom of the basket" or "return". The woman may also return other gifts, such as clothes, shoes and socks of the engaged groom, shoes and socks of the future aunt, etc. 3. The engagement money refers to the money given by the man's parents to the woman's parents in red envelopes on the engagement day (most of the women's parents will give it to the bride and groom later).

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