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Is the 26th day of the first lunar month in 2021 a good day for engagement

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whether in the past or now, choosing a suitable day to do things can add some positive psychological effects to people and make things more satisfactory. "Engagement" as an important custom of our Chinese culture, choosing a suitable day to make an engagement is a beautiful vision for a smooth marriage.


is it a good day to get engaged on the 26th day of the first lunar month in 2021? On Tuesday, March 9, 2021, Chonggou (gengxu) Shanan [Yi] tailors Shangliang livestock    be engaged   Remove the vertical column of meridians as a stove   Na Cai's marriage and planting   Herdsmen get a license and ask for their offspring to marry [avoid] enter the house, open the market, make a voucher, ask for money, accept money, pray for blessings, live separately, build a bed, break the ground, go to funeral, offer sacrifices, build a dike, drain water, go boating, build a house, migrate to any post [fetal God Zhanfang] kitchen stove is just east [auspicious God should tend] Year old de Yue de Da Ming Ford Fu Xing Jin Kui Jin Tang Liu Yi Shou RI four phases Tian Cai Tian Fu Tian Wu Yue en [water control] two dragons [farming] eleven cattle [Yang Gui Shen] due west from the Yellow calendar, today can be engaged. Referring to the eight characters can better promote the fortunes and feelings of the two families. The following [engagement auspicious day] can be used to choose the auspicious day with the eight characters.


China's traditional engagement customs 1. For China's traditional engagement ceremony, women's clothes are generally cheongsam and Tang clothes, and most of them are red. This festive color can not only set off the atmosphere, but also very beautiful. 2. Although engagement is not as grand as marriage, it is also an important moment for us to enter into marriage. It is also a very important moment for new couples, and we should pay special attention to it. Moreover, engagement means that we will be a person of belonging from now on. Therefore, the keepsake used to express this identity change must be indispensable. The ring is an essential thing in the process of engagement. 3. Before engagement, under normal circumstances, cigarettes, wine, fruits, tea, cakes, etc. can be presented as gifts, and one or two local specialties and favorite things of "in laws" in the future can also be prepared.

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