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How about getting engaged on the second day of the second lunar month in 2021

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in our traditional Chinese culture, for some important customs and activities, such as sacrifice, earth breaking, marriage, etc., we will choose a auspicious day, hoping to bring good luck. Engagement is also one of the important customs, so people often choose an auspicious day for it, hoping to bring good luck.


are you engaged on the second day of February of the lunar calendar in 2021? Is it lucky to be engaged [lunar calendar] on the second day of February, 2021 [Gregorian calendar] on March 14, 2021, Sunday [Chong Sha] Chong Tu (Yimao) Sha Dong [Yi] marries, sets up a voucher, breaks the ground, repairs the grave, asks for medical treatment, breaks down the house and takes medicine to recruit a son-in-law [avoid] [don't use the four wastes on a daily basis] move, decorate, start business, move into the house, set the door and bed, travel, get engaged, bury, open the upper beam as a stove, travel to any post, repair and build, pray for blessings, accept livestock, accept and collect migration, build a roof, hairpin, vertical column, plant, build a bed, discharge water, live in separate accounts, open a warehouse, buy property, go boating [six Yao] first bear the [Twelve Gods] break the holding position [happy God] Southwest [rilu] ordered each other at noon. The Yellow calendar is not suitable for engagement today. For the best choice, please refer to the eight characters of good and bad luck, which means that the auspicious day must coincide with the eight characters of both parties. The following [auspicious engagement day] can be selected.

订婚 10

Precautions and attention 1. On the engagement day, the man usually comes to give the bride price. The specific amount of the bride price depends on the man's family economic conditions and local customs. At this time, the woman needs to prepare some gifts to feed back to the man for use in wedding preparation or as the bride's dowry. This is also a kind of custom. 2. At the engagement banquet The naming of dishes should try to use auspicious words with good meanings, so as to convey good wishes to the new couple, so that people can feel the joy just after listening to them, psychologically delight the guests and set off the atmosphere, so as to achieve the happy atmosphere of the engagement banquet. 3. Precautions for the engagement ceremony: the engagement money is more than 11000 and 17000, but also 38000 and 50000, which is based on the economy It depends on the ability. The engagement money is handed over by the man's parents to the woman's parents in a red envelope on the day of engagement (most of the woman's parents will give it to the bride and groom later).

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