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Is the third day of the second lunar month in 2021 the auspicious day of engagement in the Yellow calendar

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we often say "beautiful scenery on a good day". Choosing a suitable time for important things is a kind of heartfelt expectation for the smooth completion of things. Marriage contains the expectations of the two families for each other's future, which is naturally highly valued. Therefore, both sides will generally choose an auspicious day to pray for the marriage between men and women.


is the third day of the second lunar month in 2021 the auspicious day of engagement in the Yellow calendar? On the third day of the second lunar month, Monday, March 15, 2021, Chonglong (Bingchen) Shabei [Yi] Decoration and opening, marriage certificate, birth of children, commencement of construction, land and bed, engagement and burial, Shangliang opening, asking for heirs to go to work, repair and sacrifice, lifting the opening contract, accepting money, capturing marriage, building houses, setting up coupons, vertical columns, planting and fishing, opening an auspicious day [taboo] building a temple as Liang [fetal God Zhanfang] southeast of the warehouse [Pengzu Baiji] If you don't draw water, it's more difficult to watch out for the dog. Go to bed [Xingxiu] Weixiu (pheasant) [fierce God should avoid] ghosts in the white tiger cry and break down four strikes in the prison. Tianwen YUESHA is suitable for engagement. It's a good day to get married with Qin and Jin. If you can match the eight characters, you can prosper both sides and benefit their families. At the end of the article, the eight characters can match the best auspicious day.

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engagement notes 1. The first day, seventh day, ninth day, 15th day, 17th day, 23rd day and 25th day of each month are the ominous days of the week hall, the two days at the end of the month, and the days with the same month and date, such as the third day of March and the eighth day of August. These days are not suitable for engagement. 2. At the time of engagement, the woman's family should prepare a banquet and tea for the man and his family, but it is not necessary to prepare gifts for the man. If there is a local custom of returning gifts, it can also be prepared. Prepare according to local customs. 3. As one of the matters needing attention in the engagement ceremony, both parties must communicate well in advance. Before engagement, both parents meet and exchange local customs, which is respect for the woman's parents.

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