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How about the engagement day on the sixth day of February in the lunar calendar of the year of the ox in 2021

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engagement evolved from the Chinese traditional custom of "engagement". Engagement is a marriage custom in many parts of China. There are different forms in different regions. Although the content has its own characteristics, on the whole, it reflects everyone's attention to this matter. Choosing an auspicious and satisfying day for important customs also expresses our sincere wishes for marriage.


how about the engagement date on the sixth day of February of the lunar calendar in the year of the ox 2021 [lunar calendar] the sixth day of February, 2021 [Gregorian calendar] Thursday, March 18, 2021 [Chong Sha] Chong Yang (Ji Wei) Sha Dong [Yi] Move, get married, get married, have a son, get engaged, go to school, ask for an heir, go to office, pray and sacrifice, lift the marriage of Na livestock, Na Cai, migrate, seek medical treatment, erect columns, plant fasting rituals, recruit Na son-in-law [avoid] decorate and start business, start moving into the house, move to the ground, set up a bed, travel and bury, open tourism, break the ground, build a city, accept money, set up vouchers, beg for money, live separately and open warehouses [God of wealth] northeast [mother of earth] The poem says: in the Xin Chou year of Taisui, there are a few diseases. Wu Yue sang Ma Hao, Jing Chu Mi Mai Zhen. It rains sweetly in spring and summer, and it rains very hard in autumn and winter. The mulberry tree has a beautiful head, and the silkworm is happy. The people are gradually resting, and the six livestock are wandering. Bu said: Xin Chou cow is the leader, and the height is very poor. The people leave half, happy and good mulberry fields. According to the Yellow calendar, you can get engaged today. Referring to the eight characters can better promote the luck of the two families and the feelings of both sides. The following [engagement auspicious day] can be used to choose the auspicious day with the eight characters.


traditional engagement ceremony customs 1. One of the traditional engagement ceremony processes, engagement banquet. At this time, the man gave a red envelope to all those who helped as a thank-you gift. When the banquet is over, the man doesn't say goodbye when he leaves, so as not to breed complications. 2. When the bride is married, her sister-in-law combs her hair. The bun is divided into two parts, one is the bun symbolizing women, and the other is the bun symbolizing unmarried women. 3. Before engagement, the relatives of both men and women mainly re-examine each other, while the woman has the task of checking the man's family conditions. The woman's relatives generally give the man some small gifts symbolically, while the man's relatives must give the woman equivalent gifts. Generally, the maximum face value of RMB is the standard, which may have been greatly broken through now.

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