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Will you get engaged on the seventh day of the second lunar month in 2021? Is it an engagement auspicious day

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engagement is a special form of Chinese traditional culture. It is not only the preparation for both men and women to enter the marriage hall in advance, but also the affirmation of both families, especially parents, on this marriage and the relationship between men and women. Therefore, choosing a suitable day for engagement also expresses the importance and blessings of both parties to marriage.


are you engaged on the seventh day of February in the lunar calendar in 2021? Is it an auspicious day for engagement [lunar calendar] the seventh day of February in 2021 [Gregorian calendar] Friday, March 19, 2021 [Chong Sha] Chong Hou (Gengshen) Sha Bei [Yi] Decoration and opening, marriage certificate, birth of children, commencement of construction, engagement and burial, opening of asking for offspring, going to office, breaking ground, building blessings and sacrificial offerings, signing a contract for opening the market, accepting money, starting drilling, getting rid of clothes, marrying, picking meridians, setting vouchers, plugging holes, planting fasting rituals, recruiting a burden, building embankments, forgiving today's old calendar [taboo] Move into the house, start a trip, travel on the beam, lift an Xiangna livestock, migrate to build a house, seek medical treatment, erect a column, return to tranquility, acupuncture [Twelve Gods] hold a closed position [Xi Shen] southwest [God of wealth] Zhengxi [Yin GUI Shen] northwest


today is a suitable day for engagement. It is a good day to get married with Qin and Jin. If you can match the eight characters, you can prosper both sides and benefit your family, At the end of the text [engagement auspicious day] can match the eight character upper auspicious day.


engagement notes 1. If the engagement banquet is held at home, the house should be cleaned in advance, because the bride's family will also come to make a good impression on the bride's family. 2. In areas where it is difficult to get engaged, the banquet is generally arranged by the woman's house to entertain the man. The man should estimate how much the woman's banquet cost and convert it into a red envelope to the woman. 3. The actual situation of both families shall be taken into account when getting engaged. When selecting the engagement date, it is necessary to take care that both relatives can participate and witness the happy moment together. Don't choose a day just because you like it.

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