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How about the engagement day on the eighth day of the second lunar month in 2021

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marriage is a major event in our life. Great changes will take place in our life and interpersonal relationships after marriage. Therefore, it is particularly necessary to tell relatives and friends about it. Engagement is a form of announcement. People often choose a suitable day for engagement, which is what we call "engagement on a selected day".


how about the engagement day on the eighth day of the second lunar month in 2021? How about the engagement? On the eighth day of the second lunar month, on Saturday, March 20, 2021, Chongji (Xinyou) Shaxi [Yi] moved into the house, picked up a car, traveled to school, went to accept money and livestock, except for migration, crown hairpin planting, fasting Festival, begging for money and people [avoid] Decoration, marriage, license, engagement, burial, Shang Liang Qiusi broke the ground, built a blessing and sacrifice, lifted the drilling marriage, accepted the vertical column, drained water, purchased property, built a dike, shipped the boat [fetal God Zhanfang] in the South outside the warehouse [Peng zubaiji] Ding does not shave his head, he will get sore, Mao does not wear well water spring, no fragrance [water control] Erlong water control [farming] 11 cattle farming [Yang Gui Shen] northwest [Yin GUI Shen] due west

the Yellow calendar is not suitable for engagement today. The best choice is to refer to the eight characters of good and bad luck, which means that the auspicious day must coincide with the eight characters of both sides. The following [auspicious day of engagement] can be selected.


Marriage traditions and customs 1. The man needs to give a bride price to the woman, and the woman also needs to prepare a dowry. The dowry for large items is purchased by the bride's parents. In addition, the bride's relatives and friends also need to add box gifts. 2. The "sedan front plate" before marriage is commonly known as "flower bag", which is "flower bag" except pork, chicken and sheep. Generally, "flower bag" Each weighs about one kilogram. It's like a six inch in diameter and more than an inch high. It uses high-grade white flour as skin and white sugar, peanuts, fat meat and white gourd sugar as stuffing. The middle of the dough should be covered with the word "double happiness". 3. The marriage custom of the Han nationality is popular in Quanzhou County in Northeast Guangxi. Young men and women worship their ancestors at their own homes and receive instructions from their elders on the eve of marriage. The bride wears red pendant, Accompanied by her classmates, she sat in the hall and sang the wedding cry song in a gentle voice The sisters told the bride to honor the old man, live in harmony with her brothers and sisters, and praise the groom for his handsome and hardworking. When the bride told her unhappy thoughts, the sisters comforted her by singing goodbye late at night and giving gifts. The groom was also accompanied by his classmates in the main hall of his home and accepted the advice of his elders on managing the family and dealing with the world. The instruction ended and the old man withdrew from the hall , the boys joked and joked, chased the groom, and the joy dispersed late at night.

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