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Will you be engaged on the ninth day of the second lunar month in 2021

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engagement is a folk custom with a deep history. There are "six rites" in the traditional sense. With the development of the times, the form is gradually simplified. However, the tradition of choosing a suitable and satisfactory date for engagement remains unchanged. "Engagement auspicious day" is a wish, which expresses the vision and sustenance of both parties for a happy marriage.


are you engaged on the ninth day of the second lunar month in 2021? Is it lucky to be engaged [lunar calendar] on the ninth day of the second lunar month in 2021 [Gregorian calendar] on March 21, 2021, on Sunday [Chong Sha] Chong Gou (renxu) Sha Nan [Yi] went out to ask for money, accept money, repair, go to office, ask for heirs, plant vertical columns, sacrifice, herd and seek medical treatment   Pick up the car [avoid] marry Na Cai, enter the house, open the market, and set up a voucher to pray for migration, an incense Festival, a bed, a burial on the beam, a funeral on the ground, a livestock crown and hairpin, a house, meridians and collaterals, drill [fetal God Zhanfang] just south of the room bed [Peng zubaiji] e do not suffer from the misfortune of the farmland owner, do not cry, and the Lord will mourn [Xingxiu] ghost (ghost golden sheep) [auspicious God should tend] Auspicious day keeping Tianen


today's yellow calendar is not suitable for engagement. For the days when the five elements fit, please refer to the eight characters. The following [auspicious day of engagement] can screen highly matched auspicious times for both couples.


engagement customs pay attention to 1. Although it is an era of free love, in many places, it is necessary to invite a matchmaker to propose marriage at the woman's house. Young couples to be don't know much about the rules of engagement, but this engagement custom has always existed in our Chinese wedding culture. 2. After the engagement ceremony in Japan, there will also be a dinner party. Generally, the family or matchmaker of both parties will be the center, and a Japanese kiosk will be selected. Recently, some newcomers choose to entertain in a high-style restaurant or restaurant. 3. If there is a matchmaker, both parties should prepare a gift to thank the matchmaker. Generally, the man is more than the woman, and the specific amount still needs to be determined according to the specific situation.

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