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Is the tenth day of the second lunar month in 2021 the auspicious day of engagement in the Yellow calendar

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before marriage, people often go through the process of "engagement". In fact, engagement is a life and psychological preparation for both parties and relatives. It is a small test for the trivial things that may happen in the future. Therefore, the relationship between the two sides will be stronger. Therefore, people usually choose an auspicious day to hold the engagement ceremony.

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is it the auspicious day of engagement in the Yellow calendar on the tenth day of February in the lunar calendar in 2021 [lunar calendar] on the tenth day of February in 2021 [Gregorian calendar] on Monday, March 22, 2021 [Chong Sha] Chong Zhu (Guihai) Sha Dong [Yi] will have relatives and friends clean the securities transaction, open the market, buy clothes, open warehouses, build warehouses, dismantle adult gifts and log   Plastic drawing of upper beam and vertical column [avoid] decoration and warehouse opening   Opening of property purchase ceremony   Break ground, start business, move, migrate, live apart, break ground and pray for his appointment   Build   Enter the house to build a house for money, build a dike to seek medical treatment, and start receiving money [God of wealth] due north [earth mother's Sutra] the poem says: in the year of Tai Sui and Xin Chou, there are a few diseases. Wu Yue sang Ma Hao, Jing Chu Mi Mai Zhen. It rains sweetly in spring and summer, and it rains very hard in autumn and winter. The mulberry tree has a beautiful head, and the silkworm is happy. The people are gradually resting, and the six livestock are wandering. Bu said: Xin Chou cow is the leader, and the height is very poor. The people leave half, happy and good mulberry fields.


should not be engaged today. Both sides like to use the eight characters on a good auspicious day, so as to promote the marriage between the two families and benefit the marriage and prosperity. You can use the following [auspicious day of engagement] for accurate matching.


the matters needing attention in choosing the date of engagement 1. The first day, the seventh day, the ninth day, the fifteenth day, the seventeenth day, the twenty third day and the twenty fifth day of each month are the ominous days of the week hall, the two days at the end of the month, and the days with the same month and date, such as the third day of March and the eighth day of August. These days are not suitable for engagement. 2. It's better not to choose a single day for engagement, but a double day. It's a good choice to unify the engagement day and holidays. If the engagement ceremony is held on holidays, relatives and friends have time to participate in the engagement ceremony, then the engagement ceremony will be more lively, which will be more festive. 3. Some give their daughters wedding drinks without red envelopes and discount money. The man gives the woman a retainer first. Generally speaking, "100000 is the most common". If the woman accepts all the bride price, it means that the woman returns more gifts. If the woman doesn't accept all the bride price and only receives thousands or 10000, it means that the man has given up on the woman's dowry.

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