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Is the first day of June on the lunar calendar in 2021 an auspicious day

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there are many choices in life. Career and family are very important. We will make many choices in life. It is also very important to choose a suitable auspicious day to do business. Many things in life can choose an auspicious day with many benefits. It will not only add icing on the cake to our life, but also mean a good omen.

2021年农历六月初一是黄道吉日吗 今日吉时凶时查询

is it an auspicious day on the first day of June of the lunar calendar in 2021? Lunar calendar: the first day of June, 2021 (June 1) Gregorian calendar: July 10, 2021. Value God: Heavenly prison star (underworld) Xuanwu Peng zubaiji: you don't break the two-to-one ratio and die, you don't take poison gas into your intestines: Chong (Guichou) Niu Yi: marry nacai to open the market as a stove and recruit his son-in-law for fasting. Taboo: move to Shangliang for burial, move the coffin, open the drill to ask for a son to ship, lift the vertical column to enter the house and sail the boat Nayin: the earth, sand, stone and gold on the wall are worth: [Nian] Chen, it is [month] Chen, it is [day] son, ugly


today's auspicious time and bad time query Zishi (auspicious) Chong Masha south, Chong Wuwu, white tiger, noble man, great advance, greedy wolf ugly time (auspicious), Chong Yangsha East, Chong Youwei, don't meet Yutang, right Bi, Tang Fuyin time (fierce), Chong housha north, Chong Gengshen heavenly soldiers, six in one, enter your happy God Mao time (fierce), Chong Jisha West, Chong Xin you three in one, enter your heaven, forgive greedy wolf Chen time (auspicious) You Bi, the commander of Liuwu Leibing of Chongren garrison in the south of Chonggou Shasha (fierce), Chongzhu Shasha in the East, Chonggui hairi breaking noon (auspicious), chongrat Shasha in the north, chongjiazi ground soldier Qinglong rilu, Jinxing Weishi (fierce), chongniu Shasha in the west, Chongyi Chou Sanhe Fuxing star Wuqu, Shenshi (fierce), chonghu Shasha in the south, chongbing Yin Tianxing, Lu Kong Lu, Lu, Lu Kong, Lu, Lu, you and you (ferocious) rush rabbit Sha East, rush Ding Mao, Zhu que, Tian thief, Lu Kong Chang Sheng Xu Shi (auspicious) rush dragon Sha north, rush Wuchen dog food, golden chamber, Hai Shi (auspicious) rush snake Sha West, rush oneself, and have not met Jian Xing Tiande Baoguang

2021年农历六月初一是黄道吉日吗 今日吉时凶时查询

Characters born on this day: Lewan Kobiashvili of Freiburg in 1977; Martin Mauricio astudillo of Aravis in 1977; Enrique de Lucas of Chelsea in 1978; Korean artist Ggong Liu in 1979; Kim Heechul, a member of Korean super popular men's group superjunior, in 1983 Born in 1985: German star Mario Gomez was born. In 1990: Korean actor Cheng Jun was born. In 1991: former member of Japanese idol group AKB48, tunko Maeda was born. In 1997: member of Japanese idol group AKB48, lingnai Kato was born. In 2011: Harper, the only daughter of British famous star David Beckham and Spice Girl Victoria· Seven Beckham was born. 2016: Jay Chou's daughter Hathaway was born.

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