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Query the auspicious day on the fourth day of June in the lunar calendar in 2021. It is appropriate to avoid bad luck and good luck today

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There are still some traditional practices of

among our people. Choosing an auspicious day to do things belongs to our traditional culture. For example, do something on an auspicious day. This is what we often call a good day. The auspicious day has spread so far because it can provide us with a lot of help.

查询2021年农历六月初四黄道吉日 今天时辰宜忌凶吉

query the auspicious day of the zodiac on the fourth day of June 2021 lunar calendar: the fourth day of June 2021 (2021-6-4) Gregorian calendar: 2021-07-13 Twelve Gods: Ping value gods: tianyixing (zodiac) Qinglong should: marry a redundant son-in-law, pray for wealth, bury, govern and worship ancestors. Avoid: move into the house, plant incense, cover, build a bridge, accept livestock, open the meridians. Auspicious God should tend: don't want Qinglong to be an evil spirit. Avoid: the chief god of death in the middle of the white tiger, the earth Fu tile falls, the disaster is defeated, the moon Sha collides with each other: Chong (C Chen) longsuisha: Sha East moon Name: Ji Xia

查询2021年农历六月初四黄道吉日 今天时辰宜忌凶吉

today's hour is bad and auspicious. Zishi (auspicious) rushes to Masha, South rushes to Jiawu ground soldiers, Qinglong Diwang greedy wolf ugly (auspicious) rushes to Yangsha, East rushes to Yiwei dog food Ming hall, enters Guiyin (fierce) rushes to housha, North rushes to bingshen Road, and retreats to Liuren Mao (auspicious) Chong Jisha in the west, Chong Dingyou Zhuque Road, empty noble man, greedy wolf, Chenshi (Ji), Chong gousha in the south, Chong Wushu, xunkong golden chamber, lucky star, Youbi Jishi (Ji), Chong Zhusha in the East, Chong Jihai, thief soldier, noble man, Tiande Baoguang, noon (fierce), Chong rat Sha in the north, Chong gengzi, heavenly soldier, white tiger, three in one, happy God in the future (Ji) In the west of chongniu Sha, it attacked Xin Chou, heaven amnesty, the country's seal jade hall, martial arts, Shen Shi (fierce), chonghu Sha, south of Chongren Yin, day breaking Youshi (fierce), chongtu Sha, east of Chonggui Mao, Yuan Wu Da Jin, Xushi (auspicious), Chonglong Sha, north of chongjia Chen, earth soldiers, three in command, mercury, Hai Shi (fierce), Chongyi, snake Sha, west of Chongyi, has hooked Chen lugui's six in


Character of people born on this day people born on this day have unpredictable personality performance, and their internal emotions are also changing. If their sense of autonomy or freedom is strongly limited, they may cause spiritual conflict because they can't release their internal emotions. However, once you find your own way or environment, everything will become stable, It's like you need a canvas to present your emotions with your talents.

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