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Query the auspicious day on the ninth day of June in the lunar calendar in 2021. It is appropriate to avoid bad luck and good luck today

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time seems to be a straight line for everyone. We can't see where the end point and the starting point are, but the daily days are different for different people. Some days are Zodiac auspicious days and some are underworld days. It's suitable for us to do things on Zodiac auspicious days.

查询2021年农历六月初九黄道吉日 今天时辰宜忌凶吉

query the auspicious day of the zodiac on the ninth day of June of the lunar calendar in 2021 lunar calendar: the ninth day of June, 2021 (June 9) Gregorian calendar: 2021-07-18 eight characters: Xin Chou Yiwei Ding Mao fetal God: zhanjingcang - LiuYao in the south of the warehouse door: Twelve Gods of friendship and introduction: God of value: Tiande star (zodiac) Tiande collision: Chong (Xinyou) jisuisha: Sha Dongyue Name: Seasonal Summer phenology: Eagle like prey, moon phase: nine night moon sound: the value of the fire in the earth, gravel and gold furnace on the wall: [Nian] Chen, Si [Yue] Chen, Si [RI] Xu, Hai solar terms: slight heat 2021-07-07 05:05:19 solar terms: great heat 2021-07-22 22:26:16

查询2021年农历六月初九黄道吉日 今天时辰宜忌凶吉

Today's hour is a bad auspicious time (bad) for Masha, South for Jiawu, heaven and earth soldiers, ugly time (bad) for Yangsha, East for Yiwei, break Yin time (bad) for housha, North for bingshen Road, sky thieves retreat, lingguanmao time (auspicious) for Jisha, West for Dingyou Road, sky Sanhe, Tiande baoguangchen time (bad) When the dog Sha is in the south, when the garrison doesn't meet a white tiger, when the tiger enters your country (auspicious), when the pig Sha is in the East, when the emperor Wang post horse of Jihai jade hall is in the middle of the day (fierce), when the rat Sha is in the north, when the gengzi heavenly army dog eats the God of happiness, when the sun Lu is in the future (fierce), when the cow Sha is in the west, when the Xin Chou Yuan Wu congener you Bi Shen Shi (auspicious) Chonghusha in the south, chongrenyin liuwuzuo in the south, chongjisi in the command Youshi (Ji) chongtusha in the East, chongguimao in the command of the noble people, Fuxing Changsheng Xushi (Ji) chonglongsha in the north, chongjiachen, Japanese and local soldiers, Qinglong in the Guihai (Ji) chongkesha in the west, Chongyi has been the heavenly official and noble Sanhe Ming hall


Celebrities born on this day 1942: Giacinto Facchetti 1950: Richard Branson 1950: Jack Linton 1960: Wu Xianglun 1961: Elizabeth McGovern 1966: Lin Xiuling 1967: von desso 1978: Melissa trio 1984: Fu Qianying 1984: Yuan Aifei 1990: Guo Shuyao 1993: Li Taimin

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