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How about jiuguyu yellow calendar engagement day on the beginning of March 2021

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In addition to the selection of the auspicious day of engagement,

engagement also includes the selection of bride price, which can generally be divided into three gifts, six gifts and eight gifts. The man can choose gifts such as sugar, tea, tobacco, wine and dried fruit according to the woman's local traditional customs, but he must choose a double number and send them to the woman's home on the day of engagement, which means harmony and beauty.


how about the engagement date in the Yellow calendar on the ninth day of March 2021? On the ninth day of March of the lunar calendar (Guyu), on Tuesday, April 20 of the Gregorian calendar, Chonglong (Renchen) Shabei [Yi] fasted, offered sacrifices, asked for heirs, dismissed medical lawsuits, went to any broken house as a stove, took medicine, sailed and recruited his son-in-law [taboo] Marry Na Cai, enter the house, open the market, take action, ask for money, take money and pray for blessings, live in meridians, migrate, bury, build a bed, go out of the fire, close the door, crown hairpin vertical column, build a house, buy production and water, take livestock [fetal God Zhanfang] room, bed habitat, South [Xingxiu] Xingxiu (xingrima) [evil god should avoid] The white tiger can't get rich and leave the house. The evil spirit leaves the nest in the sky. Four strikes. Yang Gongji breaks the moon [Twelve Gods] and holds the position [blessing God] northeast


. It's not suitable to get engaged today. The eight characters of both sides are happy on a good auspicious day. Only in this way can we promote the marriage between Qin and Jin and benefit the marriage and prosperity. You can use the following [engagement auspicious day] to accurately match.

订婚 9

what should we pay attention to in the engagement banquet 1. What should we pay attention to in the wedding banquet menu? Ensure the quantity of each dish. When booking the dishes for the wedding banquet, be sure to ensure the quantity of each dish, so as to meet the needs of a table of people. And the engagement banquet will generally choose the set meal, so when booking, you should first understand the weight of the dishes. 2. When arranging the engagement banquet, it is suggested to arrange a new couple's lounge, which can facilitate the new couple's rest. As the protagonist of the wedding banquet, the new couple has a lot of entertainment. Naturally, they will be tired. At this time, the lounge is very important! 3. After the engagement ceremony in Europe and America, it is also a common way to entertain relatives and friends close to their families and hold natural and warm parties. Regardless of the form and manner, hold an engagement banquet at home for a home-based party. This is a good way.

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