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How about the engagement at the beginning of summer on March 24, 2021? Is it lucky

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we are normally very cautious about engagement, because engagement is not only between men and women, but also between two families. Once engaged, it means that you want to go with each other and form a family in your life. Therefore, engagement is not a trifle, so you will pay great attention to the selection of engagement auspicious day.


how about getting engaged at the beginning of summer on March 24, 2021? Is it auspicious? On March 24 of the lunar calendar, on Wednesday, May 5, 2021 (the beginning of summer), Chongyang (Ding Wei) Shadong [Yi] [don't use red gauze on the day] Shangliang enters school and asks for an heir to take office, catch money, plant vertical columns, plant fasting rituals, go to funeral [avoid] move and bury   Meridian engagement, blessing, embankment, house decoration and migration   Open the market, get a permit, move coffins, build houses, accept livestock, build bridges, open mortuaries, release water, marry, repair graves and sacrifice travel   Earth breaking tourism starts an Xiang Qi drills and opens a warehouse. Zhang nacai marries [fetal God Zhanfang] outside the bed toilet in the Northeast [Peng zubaiji] Kui doesn't have a word of litigation, weak enemies, strong ugliness, no crown, no return home with the owner [Xingxiu] Shixiu (room fire pig) [auspicious God Yi trend] tianenyihou [nine stars] Babai - Taiyin star (earth) - auspicious God


yellow calendar are not suitable for engagement today, The best choice of luck refers to the eight characters of good and bad luck, which means that the auspicious day must coincide with the eight characters of both parties. The following [engagement auspicious day] can be selected.


pay attention to the choice of engagement date 1. The choice of engagement date for new people should be best avoided in March, July and September of the lunar calendar. The so-called 379 refers to the month among these three months. 2. When choosing the date of engagement, we must calculate the best engagement auspicious day for each other according to the five lines and eight characters of the birth time of both men and women. This auspicious day must be the day suitable for Wedding Events on the five lines. The most important thing to pay attention to is that it cannot conflict with the zodiac of men and women. 3. Although engagement is not a way to determine the relationship between each other and is not protected by law, it is very important for girls. After engagement, a wedding ceremony will be held. Engagement is also a great joy in life and will not leave a regret for the woman.

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