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Is June 16 of the lunar calendar the auspicious day of the zodiac in 2021

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too many of us are wasting our time and don't pay attention to time. In fact, time is the most precious for us. Once it's over, it's gone and money can't buy it back. So we'd better do something meaningful every day so that we won't regret it. You can check the taboos in the old yellow calendar.

2021年农历六月十六是黄道吉日吗 今日吉时凶时查询

is June 16 of the lunar calendar an auspicious day in 2021? Lunar calendar: June 16, 2021 (June 16, 2021) Gregorian calendar: July 25, 2021: pray for marriage, move to nacai's house, set up a bed as a stove, recruit Nazi's son-in-law, seek wealth, bury, govern the road and worship ancestors. Avoid: plant, dig canals, drain water, build land, buy property, break earth, build embankments, build bridges, accept livestock, open warehouses, meridians and collaterals. Good luck trend: Tiande and yuede don't show the green dragon to the stars. Want to be evil. Avoid: the earth Fuwa, the God of death of the river Fall in disaster and defeat the moon Sha LiuYao: first lose the Twelve Gods: flat value God: tianyixing (zodiac) Green Dragon Peng zubaiji: A does not open the warehouse, property dissipation Xu does not eat dogs and go to bed: Chong (Wuchen) long suisha: Sha Dong

2021年农历六月十六是黄道吉日吗 今日吉时凶时查询

today's auspicious and bad times query the Zishi (auspicious) Chong Masha in the south, Chong Wuwu in the afternoon, the green dragon enters Lu Chou (auspicious), Chong Yangsha in the East, Chong Youbi Yin (fierce), Chong housha in the north, Chong Gengshen heavenly soldier lucky star RI Lu Xi Shen Mao (fierce), Chong Jisha in the west, Chong Xinyou rosefinch emperor Wang, heaven forgives greedy wolves (auspicious) Chonggousha south, Chongren garrison liuwulei soldiers, Jinkui Youbi has time (fierce) chongzhusha East, chongguihai day, the punishment retreats, Baoguang left auxiliary noon (fierce) chongshusha north, chongjiazi white tiger doesn't meet the ground soldiers, Sanhe Weishi (auspicious) chongniusha West, chongyichou rib jade hall martial arts, Shenshi (fierce) chonghusha south, chongbingyin day breaks the unitary time (ferocious) rush the rabbit Sha East, rush the sky officer of Dingmao Yuanwu Road, Tang Fuxu time (auspicious), rush the Dragon Sha north, rush the Wuchen three in one, and enter the Lu Si's command country, seal the time of Hai (ferocious) In 1905, British writer Elias Carnegie won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1981. In 1941, Knight Thurmond, a famous NBA star and one of the top 50 stars in NBA history. In 1957, Wan Ziliang, an actor in Hong Kong, China. In 1966, Takaki, a Japanese dubbing actor 1967: Matt LeBron, American actor. 1967: Matt LeBron, American actor. 1972: Ke LAN, actress in mainland China. 1981: Gong Shijia, Taiwanese singer. 1981: Chen Chusheng, actor and singer in mainland China. 1982: Brad Renfro. A generation of American child stars. 1989: Yi Yi, China Local hostess and actress. 1991: Zhang Xiaojie, Taiwan actress.

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