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On the auspicious day of the zodiac on June 17 of the lunar calendar in 2021

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time is fair to us and won't be partial to anyone. We are given 24 hours every day, so what you can achieve in these 24 hours depends on ourselves. In order to make what we do more smoothly, we can check the good and bad luck of the old yellow calendar.

2021年农历六月十七黄道吉日吉时查询 今日时辰吉凶

lunar calendar June 17, 2021 lunar calendar auspicious day lunar calendar: June 17, 2021 (June 17) solar calendar: July 26, 2021 nine stars: Qichi - Xianchi star (gold) - ferocious God (one ox ploughs the field, two Dragons control the water, one day gets gold and six people share the cake) six Yao: Buddha destroys the Twelve Gods: fixed value God: noble star (zodiac) Ming Tang should: pray for the opening of the market, cover the vertical column, accept money, worship ancestors, tailor clothes and ask for children. Avoid: marry in a lawsuit, move to Shangliang, bury in a bed, build a school, seek medical advice. Be lucky: Liuyi, Quxing, three in one, Yin virtue, Yuyu, moon wealth is evil. Avoid: when turning over the bow, the official talisman is dead, and the Lei Gong is tired of


, 2021年农历六月十七黄道吉日吉时查询 今日时辰吉凶 and

in the swaggering rosefinch

today's hour is auspicious and ominous. Zishi (auspicious) Chong Masha, Nanshi Chong Geng Wu, Tianbing, Rixing, commander of punishment, dignitaries ugly (vicious) Chong Yangsha, Dongshi Chong Xinwei, xunkong Fuxing, tianamnesty Yinshi (auspicious) Chong housha, Beishi Chong Renshen dog food, Liuwu thunder, Qinglong Mao (auspicious) Chongjisha West, chongguiyou day, Lu Da enters the Ming hall, Wufu Chenshi (fierce) chonggousha south, chongjiashu day, harming heaven, punishment and earth soldiers, Wuqu has been (fierce) chongzhusha East, chongyihai doesn't meet rosefinch Jupiter post horse, noon (auspicious) chongshusha north, chongbingzi Road, Kong Changsheng Golden Chamber (auspicious) Chong niusha in the west, Chong Dingchou, Lu Kong, Sanhe, Tiande, Baoguang, Shenshi (auspicious), Chong husha in the south, Chong Wuyin, white tiger, tianthief, retreat, nobleman Youshi (fierce), Chong rabbit Sha in the East, Chong Jimao, break Xushi (fierce), Chong dragon Sha in the north, Chong Gengchen, Tianbing, heaven prison, Liuhe, God of joy, Haishi (fierce), Chong snake Sha in the west, Chong Xin, yuan, Wu, Sanhe, heaven, amnesty and blessing star

born in 1968: CCTV program host Yang Liu was born in 1973: Kate Beckinsale was born in 1974: CCTV program host Li Zhenzhen was born in 1985: Zhou Bichang, famous singer was born in 1985: Yao Liang, painter, photographer, traveler 1985: Kato Xiaxi, Japanese actress 1987: Caroline celico Leite, Brazilian female model, wife of famous star Kaka 1988: Akira Caijia, member of Japanese women's group AKB48 1989: Luo Hongzheng, captain of Chinese Taiwan group spexia 1993: Taylor Momsen, American actress, model, composer and singer.

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