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On the auspicious day of June 18 of the lunar calendar in 2021, it is advisable to inquire about today's time

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with the passage of time, we will find that our destiny is also changing. Some people are developing in a good direction, while some people's lives are getting worse and worse. In fact, it has something to do with what we do every day. It is advisable to avoid in the old yellow calendar. Doing the right thing will make our life more smooth.

2021年农历六月十八黄道吉日查询 今日时辰吉凶宜忌

on the auspicious day of June 18 of the lunar calendar in 2021 query lunar calendar: June 18, 2021 (June 18, 2021) Gregorian calendar: July 27, 2021 eight characters: Xin Chou, Yi Wei, C Zi, fetal God: occupying the bed warehouse - kitchen stove is in the southwest, auspicious God Yi trend: the old Dejie God's Golden Hall barks at Tiangui branch, evil spirits should be avoided: wealth leaves the fire alone, ghosts cry, yellow sand leaves the nest, Trojan horse, four taboos, sky plague, sky punishment, five virtual, salt pond, small consumption of moon and salary: I have ordered each other, Lu GUI and Liu Yao to enter Lu: Twelve Gods of Da'an: God of Duty: Heaven punishment star (underworld) Heaven punishment Peng Zubai's taboo: C will see disaster if he doesn't repair the stove. If he doesn't ask for divination, he will cause disaster. Rush: Rush (Geng Wu) horse

2021年农历六月十八黄道吉日查询 今日时辰吉凶宜忌

today's good and bad times should be avoided. Rush to Ma Sha in the south. Rush to Renwu heaven prison six five three in one lucky star ugly times (evil) Chong Yangsha in the East, Chong Guiwei in the Yuan Dynasty, Wu xunkong in the Taiyin Kingdom, Yin in the auspicious time, Chong housha in the north, Chong Jiashen in the ground, commander in chief of the post horse, Mao in the fierce time, Chong Jisha in the west, Chong Yiyou dog food, day harm, Gou Chen in the Chen Chen time (auspicious) Chong gousha in the south, Chong BINGSHU in the construction of punishment, but it doesn't meet Lu Kong, the green dragon is gone (auspicious) Chong Zhusha East Chong Dinghai road Kongming hall rilu Wufu noon (fierce) Chong Shusha North Chong Wuzi Tianxing Diwang enters greedy wolf Weishi (fierce) Chong niusha West Chong Jichou day kill Zhuque Youbi Shenshi (auspicious) Chong husha South Chong Gengyin heavenly soldiers happiness three in one golden chamber Youshi (fierce) Chong rabbit Sha East Chong Xinmao Liuhe noble heaven amnesty Baoguang Xu time (fierce) Chong dragon Sha North Chong Renchen day break Hai time (auspicious) Chong snake Sha West Chong GUI has retreated from the jade hall noble


born on this day in 1977: Zhan Zhiwen, DJ of Hong Kong business radio. 1979: Sidney govu, French football player. 1980: Zhang Jianming, a baseball player from Taiwan, played for the Xingnong cattle team of China professional baseball. 1981: Li Xiaopeng, Chinese gymnast and Olympic gold medalist. 1987: Jordan hill, a member of the Houston Rockets, was born and ranked eighth in the 2009 NBA draft. 1988: Chinese actor and singer Qin Yanshi was born. 1990: Korean actress Yin Zhenyi was born. In 1991: (three years of Heisei in Japan) lingnai Matsui, a member of SKE48, a Japanese women's idol group, was born. 1997: Japanese actor and model lingnai Takeda was born. In 1998, Rizo Watanabe, 46 member of the Japanese women's idol group Osaka, was born.

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