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Is June 21 of the lunar calendar the auspicious day of the zodiac in 2021? Today's auspicious and ominous times

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choosing auspicious days plays a very important role in our life. As long as we encounter major events in our life, we will choose auspicious days in the old yellow calendar. Marriage and opening business are major events in our life. Therefore, when doing these things, we will choose auspicious days, which is of great help to people's future fortune.

2021年农历六月二十一是黄道吉日吗 今日吉时凶时查询

is June 21 of the lunar calendar an auspicious day in 2021? Lunar calendar: June 21, 2021 (2021-6-21) Gregorian calendar: July 30, 2021 LiuYao: friends lead Twelve Gods: Cheng value God: Tiande star (zodiac) Tiandeyi: marry and emigrate, accept wealth, enter the house, ask for a son, remove the appointment, plant, travel, buy property and seek medical advice avoid: set up a bed, log the upper beam, accept livestock fasting, pray for blessings, break the ground, bury, mourn, suit, auspicious God Yi trend: tiandehe, yuedehe, don't keep the tomb, Baoguang, pay respects to an Mu Cang in the Ming quarter, Tianen, Tianxi and ferocious should avoid: cheap knife and anvil, visit Luban in the sun

2021年农历六月二十一是黄道吉日吗 今日吉时凶时查询

today's auspicious and ominous times query Zishi (fierce) Chong Masha, South Chong Wuwu Tianxing rib, big advance, ugly (fierce) Chong Yangsha, East Chong Jiwei, sun break, Yin (auspicious) Chong housha, North Chong Geng, Shen Tianbing, happy God, Golden Chamber state seal, Mao (auspicious) Chong Jisha West, Chong Xinyou Sanhe heaven, Amnesty Baoguang Tiande Chenshi (fierce), Chong gousha south, Chong Renshu Liuwu white tiger into your own time (auspicious), Chong Zhusha East, Chong Guihai, retreat from Diwang Yutang post horse at noon (fierce), Chong rat Sha north, Chong Jiazi dog food soldier Lu Guiwei time (fierce) Chong niusha West, Chong Yichou day, Jianyuan Wu Fuxing right Bi Shen time (Ji) Chong husha south, Chong Bingyin road air, the commander ordered the noble Zuo Fu Youshi (fierce) Chong rabbit Sha East, Chong Dingmao gouchen tianthief road air Chang Sheng Xu time (Ji) Chong Longsha north, Chong Wuchen day, Xing Qinglong into your Wuqu Haishi (Ji) In 1964, football player and coach Jurgen Klinsmann was born in gepingheel, Germany. 1964: Hollywood actress Vivica fox was born. 1964: Taiwanese female singer Jiang shuna was born. 1966: Hong Kong actress Wen Bixia was born. 1968: Taiwan actor Tuo zongkang was born. 1968: the famous American actor Gree cruise was born. 1970: Christopher Nolan, a famous British director, was born in London. 1988: Korean actress Park Shirong was born. 2003: Mainland child star Zhao Shuting was born.

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