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It's an auspicious day on June 24 of the lunar calendar in 2021. Today's time should avoid bad luck

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our luck will be better and worse. When we encounter a trough, we should be more careful. The weather is very important for us, so we'd better choose the auspicious day and look up the auspicious hour of the day.

查询2021年农历六月二十四黄道吉日 今天时辰宜忌凶吉

query the auspicious day of June 24 of the lunar calendar in 2021 lunar calendar: June 24, 2021 (2021-6-24) Gregorian calendar: August 02, 2021 LiuYao: Twelve Gods of Da'an: closed value God: zhenshenxing (underworld) prison phase: Chong (c) Rat year old Sha: Sha Dongyi: fasting Festival, opening the market, praying for blessings, planting plug holes, worshipping ancestors, and building embankments. Taboo: meridians and collaterals accept livestock, acupuncture and moxibustion travel, move to vertical columns to build houses. Peng Zu's taboo: it's more difficult to guard against the owner's change of


, 查询2021年农历六月二十四黄道吉日 今天时辰宜忌凶吉,


today's bad and auspicious times (bad) Chong Masha south, Chong Jiawu xunkong dungeon, Emperor Wang Chou Shi (fierce), Chong Yangsha East, Chong Yiwei xunkong Yuan Wu RI Xing mercury Yin Shi (fierce), Chong housha north, Chong bingshen tianthief road air Sanhe temporary official Mao Shi (fierce), Chong Jisha West, Chong Dingyou gouchen road air Liuhe noble man Chen Shi (fierce) Chonggousha south, chongwushu day break already time (auspicious), chongzhusha East, chongjihai day thief noble Ming hall, transmit noon (fierce), chongshusha north, chonggengzi day soldier day punishment triple happiness God (fierce), chongniusha West, xinchou day punishment, Zhuque Youbi country seal, Shenshi (auspicious) When chonghu Sha was in the south, Chongren Yin and Liuwu didn't meet the Golden Chamber post horse Youshi (auspicious), chongtu Sha was in the East, chongguimao dog food, Tiande entered Baoguang Xushi (fierce), Chonglong Sha was in the north, chongjiachen built the white tiger land in response to Wuqu Haishi (auspicious), chongshe Sha was in the west, Chongyi had the jade hall, rilu Wufu Shaowei


were born in 1952: Wu nianzhen, Chinese Taiwanese actor. 1958: fast water award, Japanese animation sound actor. 1960: Olivier gunner, a famous French actor. Actor of electronic battlefield 2027. 1961: Cui Jian, male singer in mainland China, father of Chinese rock music. 1965: Wu Junru, Hong Kong actress. 1966: Keiyo Iida, Japanese actor. 1988: Zhou tanghao, male singer and artist in Taiwan. 1991: Xiangcheng, a new generation of post-90s actors. 1994: Tang yuanxuan, Chinese female badminton player. 1998: Cai Xukun, male artist in mainland China. 1999: Lee mark, member of the Korean men's group NCT.

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