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On the auspicious day of the zodiac on June 27 of the lunar calendar in 2021

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Chinese culture is very broad and profound. Every aspect contains the wisdom of the ancients. The old yellow calendar is the crystallization of the wisdom of the ancients and is still in use. Many aspects of the old yellow calendar play a great role in modern people. It is much more convenient for us not to remember the days.

2021年农历六月二十七黄道吉日吉时查询 今日时辰吉凶

is June 27 of the lunar calendar an auspicious day in 2021? Lunar calendar: June 27, 2021 (2021-6-27) Gregorian calendar: August 05, 2021 LiuYao: friends lead Twelve Gods: full value gods: Hell star (underworld) Gou Chenyi: open the drill, repair the grave, bury the poet, Sue, enter the house for fasting, pray for the son, mourn, feed, cut clothes and collaterals, avoid: worship the ancestors, break the earth, build a dike, discharge water, go to the post, acupuncture, open the market, beg for money, move to accept money, marry


today's auspicious and ominous times (fierce) Chong Masha, South Chong Geng Wutian, soldiers, Xing Liuhe, noble people, ugly times (fierce) Chongyangsha in the East, chongxinwei in the day, built Zhuque lucky star Jinxing Yinshi (auspicious), chonghousha in the north, chongrenshen Liuwu in the Golden Chamber of guidiwang, Maoshi (auspicious), chongjisha in the west, Chonggui youri Lu in the day, Baoguang in the day (fierce), chonggousha in the south, chongjiashu white tiger soldiers in the ground (auspicious) When you rush pig Sha to the East, you rush Yihai and don't meet Sanhe Yutang. At noon (fierce) when you rush rat Sha to the north, you rush Bingzi dungeon. Lu Kong lives a greedy wolf. When you rush cow Sha to the west, you rush Ding Chou RI to break Shen time (fierce) when you rush tiger Sha to the south, you rush Wuyin to retreat. When you rush rabbit Sha to the East, you rush your own Mao and hook Chen Sanhe to shoulder. Xu time (auspicious) Chonglongsha North chonggengchen Tianbing day punishment Qinglong xishen Haishi (auspicious) chongshesha West Chongxin has blessed God tianamnesty Mingtang post horse

2021年农历六月二十七黄道吉日吉时查询 今日时辰吉凶

born on this day figure 1970: actor Zhou Jie was born. 1970: James goon, a famous American male director. 1970: fill in words for Jay Chou. Huang Junlang, known as a ghost, was born. 1976: Korean actor Kwon sang woo was born. 1980: Taiwanese singer Guo Jing was born. 1981: Japanese actor Yuki chaizaki was born. 1982: South Korean table tennis player LIU Chengmin was born. 1985: South Korean actress Shen Su was born. 1996: Korean singer and uniq member Cao Chengyan was born. 1997: Xu Jiao, a well-known child star (Zhou Xingchi's work "Changjiang No. 7" as Xiao DI), was born. 1997: Chinese singer and uniq member Wang Yibo was born.

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