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What is the date of June 15 of the lunar calendar in 2021? The Yellow calendar should avoid daily inquiry

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we all hope that every day we are happy and everything goes well, but life is always not as we want. We should try our best to make our life better. In fact, things will be better and have a greater probability of success on a auspicious day.

2021年农历六月十五是什么日子 黄历宜忌每日查询

what is the date of June 15 of the lunar calendar in 2021? Lunar calendar: June 15, 2021 (June 15, 2021) Gregorian calendar: July 24, 2021 eight characters: Xin Chou, Yi Wei, GUI you, fetal God: zhanchencang - Southwest auspicious God outside the door of the room and bed, Yi trend: do not guard the tomb and bark, do not bring the people of the Ming Dynasty, tiancang Tianfu tianwu into the world, evil spirits should be avoided: depict Tiangou Tianhuo, earth, plague and blood, avoid disaster and evil spirits, six brilliance, friendship and introduction of Twelve Gods: full value God: Hell star (underworld) Peng Zu's Taboos: Kui doesn't argue, the enemy is strong, you don't entertain, drunk and crazy, collide with each other: Chong (Ding MAO) suisha: Sha Dongyue Name: Ji Xia phenology: rotten grass is firefly, lunar phase: full (look) moon

2021年农历六月十五是什么日子 黄历宜忌每日查询

Today's query should be avoided: open the drill, repair the grave, bury the burden, take care of the son-in-law, travel, plant, herd, feed and cut clothes, avoid the meridians: build a stove, break the earth, build a dike, discharge water, acupuncture and moxibustion, open the market, beg for money, move to take office, marry


. In history, 1907: the third Japan South Korea agreement was signed. 1966: millions of people gathered in Beijing to support North Vietnam. 1977: a relatively complete meat eating dinosaur fossil was found in Yongning County, Sichuan Province. 1987: typhoon hit the coast of Guangxi. 1998: gunfight broke out on Capitol Hill. 2002: Chinese film star Liu Xiaoqing was arrested on suspicion of tax evasion. 2005: after the 2005 Tour de France, Lance Armstrong announced his retirement after winning the seventh consecutive title. 2011: in addition to Fukushima Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, Iwate Prefecture and other three counties affected by the East Japan earthquake, the analog TV broadcasting of the other 44 prefectures ended, and the TV was fully digitized. 2012: Typhoon Vicente passed near Hong Kong and caused the Hong Kong Observatory to issue hurricane signal No. 10.

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