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What is the date of June 25 of the lunar calendar in 2021? The Yellow calendar should avoid daily inquiry

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many people's life has become a copier, and the days are repeated again and again. Although many people want to break through their current life, they are afraid of setbacks. In fact, there will inevitably be setbacks in life, but we can try to avoid them. Checking the auspicious day before doing things will make things smoother.

2021年农历六月二十五是什么日子 黄历宜忌每日查询

what is the date of June 25 of the lunar calendar in 2021? Lunar calendar: June 25, 2021 (June 25) Gregorian calendar: August 03, 2021 eight characters: Xin Chou, Yi Wei, GUI Wei, RI Lu: Zi Ming, mutual Lu, Liu Yao: chikou Twelve Gods: Jian value God: tianyuxing (underworld) and Xuanwu xiangchong (Ding Chou) Niu suisha: Sha Dongna Yin: the earth, gravel, gold, poplar and willow on the wall are dead in the air. It's worth: [Nian] Chen, Si [Yue] Chen, Si [RI] Shen, Youfu God direction: due west

2021年农历六月二十五是什么日子 黄历宜忌每日查询

today's yellow calendar should avoid daily inquiry. It's appropriate to repair graves and recruit Na's son-in-law to take fasting rituals to take office, plant wealth, plant livestock and travel   Taboo for school applicants: settle the bed, marry, build the mortuary, move the coffin, open the drill and ask for children, ship the vertical column, lift the


in the history of entering the house. 1778: the Scala opera house in Milan, Italy was opened. 1914: Germany declares war on France. 1923: Lu Xun published the novel collection "cry".. 1940: the Baltic States join the Soviet Union. 1958: the U.S. nuclear powered submarine Nautilus reached the north pole under the floating ice, becoming the first ship to reach the North Pole. 1960: Niger seceded from French colonial rule and declared its independence. 1965: bovine insulin crystals were synthesized for the first time in China. 1981: a large motorcade parade took place in Warsaw to protest against the deterioration of supply and the rise of food prices. 1982: France officially submitted the ratification document of its participation in the Treaty on the non proliferation of nuclear weapons to other signatory States. 1992: South African blacks broke out a national strike against whites. 2004: the 5th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival was held at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. 2006: the 6th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival was held at Taipei County International Convention Center.

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