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On June 16 of the lunar calendar in 2021, the old yellow calendar should avoid today. How's the day

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everyone has a bottomless desire to want this and that, but how can life make us achieve our wishes? Therefore, when we are not as good as we want, we will place these things on auspicious things, such as auspicious days, hoping that good things can happen on good days.

2021年农历六月十六老黄历宜忌 今天日子好吗

how about June 16 of the lunar calendar in 2021? Lunar calendar: June 16, 2021 (June 16) Gregorian calendar: July 25, 2021 Lu: Yin life mutual Lu LiuYao: first negative Twelve Gods: Ping value God: Tianyi star (zodiac) Green Dragon xiangchong: Chong (Wuchen) Long suisha: Sha Dongyue Name: Seasonal Summer phenology: Earth moistening summer moon phase: both looking at the moon and blessing God direction: Southeast solar terms: great summer 2021-07-22 22:26:16 solar terms: beginning of autumn 2021-08-07 14:53:48

Today's old calendar should avoid: pray for marriage as a stove, recruit a burden, accept a son-in-law, seek wealth, bury, govern and worship ancestors. Avoid: plant and dig canals, break earth, build embankments, cover bridges, accept livestock, open warehouses, meridians

2021年农历六月十六老黄历宜忌 今天日子好吗

in history, 1668: a magnitude 8 earthquake occurred in Tancheng belt, Shandong Province. 1894: the Sino Japanese war broke out. 1898: persuasion written by Zhang Zhidong was issued to all provinces. 1907: Japan signed the agreement on comprehensive supervision and management of North Korea, and North Korea became a Japanese protectorate. 1909: French pilot Bleriot flew a plane from near Calais, France to Dover, England, becoming the first person to fly a plane across the English Channel. 1966: Taiwan's Mucha examination building suddenly collapsed, killing three people and injuring many others. 1967: the Legislative Yuan of the Republic of China passed the tariff law. 1968: the eight and nine major banks in Europe agreed to provide unrestricted commercial loans to the Republic of China. 1984: China's first joint-stock enterprise was established. In 1995, the cause of the explosion of "Asia Pacific II" was announced. 1998: Curry poisoning occurred in Wakayama County, Japan, causing 67 people to be poisoned, of which 4 died. 2000: Air France flight 4590 crashed while taking off from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, killing 113 people. This was the first and only air crash of Concorde. 2004: Lance Armstrong won the tour de France for six consecutive years.

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