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Is the dragon head Festival on the second day of February 2021 an auspicious day

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dragon head Festival on the second day of February is a traditional auspicious day in China. There are many dragon head raising activities, but they are basically carried out around the good wishes in our hearts, and the customs in different places will be different. Although many places on this day are very lively and festive, it does not mean that this day is an auspicious day of the zodiac. Whether it is a good day needs to be queried through the old yellow calendar.

2021年二月初二龙头节是不是黄道吉日 日子好不好

is the dragon head Festival on the second day of February 2021 an auspicious day? Gregorian calendar: 2021-03-14 lunar calendar: the second day of February 2021 (2021-2-2) Appropriate: marry, break the earth, repair the grave, seek medical treatment, break the house, take medicine, recruit a burden, accept the son-in-law and set up a voucher. Avoid: plant the upper beam and vertical column, anmen, buy production and water, accept the livestock, travel by boat, move to the auspicious God. Appropriate trend: year-old de and bark, Daming jade hall, Yuyu is fierce. Avoid: the earth fire is desolate, the sky fire, the thief lies on the corpse, five empty, yin and wrong, the moon breaks the moon, hates disaster, four evils and six shining: first negative ten Two gods: breaking the value God: the sky opens the star (zodiac) jade hall, collides with each other: Chong (Yimao) suisha: Sha Dongyue Name: Zhongchun Nayin: the earth pine, cypress and pomegranate trees on the wall are dead in the air. It's [Nian] Chen, it's [month] afternoon, it's not [sun] son, ugly


. How about this day? Through the query of the information of the old yellow calendar, We can know that this is an auspicious day, a good day, and Pepsi is feasible on this day.

2021年二月初二龙头节是不是黄道吉日 日子好不好

what is the festival today? Dragon rise (February 2 of the lunar calendar), also known as spring ploughing Festival, agricultural Festival, Qinglong Festival, spring Dragon Festival, etc., is a traditional Chinese folk festival. "Dragon" refers to the seven constellations of the eastern Canglong among the twenty-eight constellations. At the beginning of the Mao month in the middle of spring (Dou refers to the East), the "dragon horn star" rises from the eastern horizon, so it is called "dragon rise". The dragon looks up at the beginning of Mao month in the middle of spring. The five elements of "Mao" belong to wood, and the divinatory symbol is "earthquake"; In the "lingua mutual earthquake" in 1992, it means that the dragon has left its latent state and has appeared on the earth's surface, emerging as a hair growing elephant. In farming culture, "dragon heads up" indicates that Yang is growing, rain is increasing, and everything is full of vitality. Spring farming begins. Since ancient times, people have also regarded dragon rise day as a day to pray for good weather, exorcise evil and bustling disasters, and accept auspicious transportation.

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