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Is the second day of August on the lunar calendar in 2021 the auspicious day of the zodiac? Today's auspicious time is bad

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choose a good time to celebrate some things, which is also good for your mood and plays a certain role in promoting. The auspicious day is actually a good time point. On this day, everything you do will be very smooth, and you will be as expected in your heart, and you will be able to get your own satisfactory answers, This is the benefit of the auspicious day.

2021年农历八月初二是黄道吉日吗 今日吉时凶时查询

is the second day of August in the lunar calendar in 2021 a auspicious day [Gregorian calendar] September 8, 2021 [lunar calendar] the second day of August (small) in the peasant calendar in 2021 [Hui calendar] the Islamic calendar on January 30, 1443 [Ganzhi calendar] Ding youyue in the year of xinchou and the day of Jiwei [five elements of the sun] sky fire [sun collides] Chong Niu (Guichou) Sha Xi [day holding God] Kai RI [God on duty] Tiande (auspicious star) [fetal God position] occupy the East


outside the door toilet today, good and bad times (auspicious) Chong Ma Sha, South time Chong Wu Wu white tiger noble man, great progress, greedy wolf ugly time (auspicious) Chong Yang Sha, east time Chong you didn't meet Tang Fu Yinshi, right Bi of the jade hall (ferocious) rush housha north, rush Gengshen Tianbing Liuhe into Guixi God Mao (ferocious) rush Jisha West, rush Xinyou Sanhe into Guitian amnesty greedy wolf Chenshi (auspicious) rush gousha south, rush Renshu Liuwu Leibing commander Youbi Jishi (ferocious) rush Zhusha East, rush Guihai day break noon (auspicious) Chong Shusha north, Chong Jiazi ground soldiers, Qinglong rilu, Jinxing Weishi (fierce), Chong niusha West, Chong Yichou Sanhe lucky star Wuqu, Shen Shi (fierce), Chong husha south, Chong Bingyin Tianxing Road, Kong Lu, GUI Youshi (fierce), Chong rabbit Sha East, Chong Dingmao Zhuque tianthief, Lu Kong, Chang Shengxu (auspicious) When chonglongsha was in the north, chongwuchen dog ate the golden chamber, when Haishi (auspicious), chongshesha was in the west, and Jianxing Tiande Baoguang

2021年农历八月初二是黄道吉日吗 今日吉时凶时查询

people born on this day 1157: Sancho II 1157: Richard I 1474: ariasto 1621: Louis II de Bourbon (Prince of Kongdai) 1633: Ferdinand IV 1749: Mrs. bury 1779: Mustafa IV 1830: Frederick Mistral 1841: Antonin Dvorak 1846: Sir Chater 1852: Li Xi 1894: William Piper 1897: Jimmy Rogers 1901: Uncle Wang Ren (pseudonym Ba ren) 1901: Ba people 1918: Derek Barton 1922: Linden Laroche 1923: Rasul gamzatov 1925: Peter Cyrus 1930: Nguyen goqi 1933: Gu Liansong 1933: Michael Freon 1934: Peter Maxwell Davis 1947: Haldor osger Rimson 1951: Ke Jianming 1958: Miyamoto 1959: Shimadzu Koizumi 1963: Matsumoto Renzhi 1965: Cai Chongguang

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