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On the auspicious day of the fourth day of the eighth lunar month in 2021, it is advisable to inquire about today's time

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every Chinese has his own faith in his heart. Choosing a auspicious day is not only a Chinese tradition, but also a cultural inheritance. We should believe that its existence can bring us benefits and convenience. At the same time, it can also let us enjoy our due rights. Choosing the auspicious day is a thing that can bring good luck to ourselves.

2021年农历八月初四黄道吉日查询 今日时辰吉凶宜忌3

is the fourth day of August in the lunar calendar in 2021 a auspicious day [Gregorian calendar] September 10, 2021 [lunar calendar] the fourth day of August (small) in the peasant calendar in 2021 [Hui calendar] Islamic calendar February 2, 1443 [Ganzhi calendar] Ding youyue in the year of xinchou and Xin youri [five elements of the sun] pomegranate [sun collides] Chong rabbit (Yimao) Sha Dong [sun holds God] Jian RI [God on duty] jade Hall (auspicious star) [fetal God location] southeast of the kitchen stove door

today's time is auspicious and auspicious. Chong Masha (evil) Chong horse Sha (South) Chong Renwu Liuhe (evil) born into Guichou (evil) Chong sheep Sha (East) Chong Guiwei, built Zhuque Taiyin Yin (auspicious) on the day Rush housha north, rush Jiashen ground soldiers rib Golden Chamber Mao time (auspicious), rush Jisha West, rush Yiyou sky thieves to shoulder, Tiande Baoguang Chen time (fierce), rush gousha south, rush BINGSHU white tiger road sky, Tang Fu Taiyang already time (auspicious), rush Zhusha East, rush Dinghai road sky Sanhe Fuxing jade hall noon (fierce) Chong rat Sha North Chong Wuzi rib great advance greedy wolf (fierce) Chong Niu Sha West Chong own ugliness day break Shen time (auspicious) Chong tiger Sha South Chong Gengyin heavenly soldier Xi God commander Zuo Fu Youshi (fierce) Chong rabbit Sha East Chong Xinmao Sanhe heaven amnesty day Lu Wufu Xushi (auspicious) Chong dragon Sha North Chong Renchen six five thunder soldiers Qinglong Wuqu time of Hai (auspicious) when Chong Shesha came to the west, Chong GUI had retreated from the Mingtang post horse

2021年农历八月初四黄道吉日查询 今日时辰吉凶宜忌

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