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Is September 9, 2021 an auspicious day? What time is auspicious

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we must also believe that our life path is controlled by ourselves. Sometimes our own destiny is not a certainty. More often, we rely on our own ability to change, but it is very necessary to have an auspicious day to face the whole life. On this day, everyone will appear very happy and celebrate this memorable day.

时辰吉凶 2021年9月9日是黄道吉日吗 几点吉利

is September 9, 2021 the auspicious day of the zodiac [lunar calendar] the third day of August, 2021 [Gregorian calendar] Thursday, September 9, 2021 [Ganzhi] Xin Chou year + Ding you month + Gengshen day [xiangchong] monkey richong (Jiayin) tiger [suisha] suisha South [auspicious time] 13:00-15:00 [happy God] Northwest [God of fortune] southwest [God of wealth] due east [Twelve Gods] hold the position of [God of duty] prison (underworld day)

today's time detailed explanation of good and bad luck time good and bad luck Zi Chou Yin Mao has not applied for Youxu Haiji good and bad luck and evil luck and evil luck and evil luck and evil luck and evil luck and evil luck and evil luck and evil luck and evil luck and evil luck and evil today's good and evil time: 23:00 ~ 00:59 (midnight), 01:00 ~ 02:59 (ugly time) 05:00 ~ 06:59 (Mao Shi), 13:00 ~ 14:59 (Wei Shi), 17:00 ~ 18:59 (unitary Shi)

时辰吉凶 2021年9月9日是黄道吉日吗 几点吉利

in history today 337 years: Constantius II ascended the throne in Byzantium as the emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire. 1513: King James IV of Scotland is killed in the battle of Florence against the invasion of England. 1776: the Continental Congress officially named the Confederation of North American states the United States of America. 1791: the United States named its new capital Washington, D.C., in memory of its first president, George Washington. 1850: California joined the United States. 1892: Ganymede is discovered. 1922: Guangdong Han railway workers strike. 1930: the first Kuomintang Communist civil war 1948: the Democratic People's Republic of Korea was established in the northern part of the Korean Peninsula, and Kim Il Sung became the first cabinet prime minister. 1968: Arthur Ashe won the men's singles championship of the US Open, the first time a black man won the men's tennis championship. 1990: US Soviet leaders met in Helsinki.

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